"I want more."

Three words have never rocked "Darvey" Suits fans to the core so much since Harvey (Gabriel Macht) dropped an enigmatic "I love you" to Donna (Sarah Rafferty) in Season 4. After all of the ups and downs, Donna's confession that she wanted more in her life from Harvey at the end of Season 6 was a sign that the two might actually begin to explore what's between them on a romantic level.

It turns out that wasn't what Donna meant — or at least that wasn't entirely what Donna meant. She's looking to move up in the firm and has secured herself a well-deserved promotion. But what does Donna getting a seat at the table mean for the epitome of "will-they-won't-they" TV couples?

Suits Season 7 Premiere: Donna Levels Up (Finally)

TV Guide's Megan Vick and Lindsay MacDonald debated the future of "Darvey" and what this recent development means for the show's core couple (Sorry Mike and Rachel). The bigger question remains, if "Darvey" isn't happening now, when should it? We weighed in but we want to hear your opinion as well.

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