Suits fans, sit down. Donna is finally getting hers.

For six long seasons, Donna Paulsen (Sarah Rafferty) has been the MVP of Pearson Specter Litt (and all of its earlier iterations). The only reason the firm has survived all of its trials and tribulations, including housing a fraud as a junior associate for years, is because Donna has used her magic powers of intuition and foresight to keep it afloat — and she's demanding she be recognized for it.

We have one thing to say about it: Yaaaaaas girl! IT'S ABOUT TIME.

Sarah Rafferty, <em>Suits</em>Sarah Rafferty, Suits

Season 6 ended with Donna telling Harvey (Gabriel Macht) that she "wants more," and we had a few months to wonder what that really means. It turns out that Donna is going for more in her professional life and that sounds great. In a straight-up baller move, Donna handed Harvey a check for half a million dollars and demanded a seat at the table. That seat has "Senior Partner" written on the back of it, by the way.

That's right. after more than a decade as Harvey's secretary (and a brief stint with Louis), Donna threw down and landed herself a promotion to Senior Partner. Fans have long known that Donna is the real brains of the Suits operation, but now she gets to go toe-to-toe with the big boys instead of manipulating them into thinking her great idea was theirs. They better watch out for her stilettos because this woman is not playing around.

Suits Season 7: "A Lot Will Happen in the Realm of Donna and Harvey"

Of course, her new role will mean some changes for the guys who were just getting used to the idea of running the show without Jessica (Gina Torres) around. Donna already had to smack Louis (Rick Hoffman) down a few pegs so he understood to give her the respect she deserves. Luckily, Mike (Patrick J. Adams) seems onboard with the decision. That leaves only one more big fish: Harvey.

Is Harvey ready to see Donna more as the red-haired savior sitting outside his office? Donna has always challenged Harvey, but the two have never been on equal footing in a professional setting which has always allowed Harvey to take Donna for granted. He's still in charge, but their relationship will have to change now that Donna has some "skin in the game," and is ready to take credit for her own great ideas. They'll not only have to get used to a new work dynamic, but also what that power shift means when it comes to their personal friendship as well.

After all, "more" doesn't have to mean just one thing, does it?

Suits Season 7 continues Wednesdays at 9/8c on USA.