Stephen Colbert Stephen Colbert

The day Stephen Colbert has been waiting for has (almost) arrived.

The funnyman's bid to have his name attached to the newest module of the international space station will draw to a close on Tuesday's edition of The Colbert Report, according to The Associated Press. Astronaut Sunita Williams will appear on the program as well.

Colbert urged fans to write in his last name in a NASA poll that allowed the public to vote for the new room's moniker. "Colbert" easily beat out NASA's suggestions, which included Serenity, Legacy, Earthrise and Venture.

Even so, NASA has the final word, which Colbert will bring to the airwaves. (We're sure there will be massive celebration or a lot of angry yelling. For now, Colbert's being a good sport.)

"I certainly hope NASA does the right thing," he said in a statement. "Just kidding. I hope they name it after me."

What do you think NASA will decide?