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Station 19 Recap: Who Survived the Skyscraper Fire?

We can't handle this stress anymore

Megan Vick

Station 19 returned to the TGIT line-up Thursday and picked up in the thick of the action from the Season 1 finale. Most of our firefighters were still stuck in the skyscraper fire, in varying states of peril, with Montgomery (Jay Hayden) in the most danger after a shard of glass impaled his chest when the fire leaped floors.

The Station 19 Season 2 trailer showed Montgomery's body making it to the hospital, and TV Guide's exclusive clip revealed he was still conscious when Vic (Barrett Doss) found him on the stairs. Was he able to survive the entire episode though? Also, there was no footage of Jack (Grey Damon) in the Season 2 trailers, so he jumped to the top of our concern list heading into the premiere. Here's where everyone stands at the end of the first episode.

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Jack, Andy and Maya: Andy (Jaina Lee Ortiz) and Maya (Danielle Savre) refused the chief's orders to evacuate and went back up to look for Jack. The floor had little visibility so it took them a while to find him, but they eventually found him temporarily knocked out. They were able to revive him and get him downstairs.

Status: All three made it downstairs with a clean bill of health.

Montgomery and Vic: As the clip showed, Vic (Barrett Doss) found Montgomery on her way down to the exit after Ben (Jason George) had to leave him to save Molly (Vanessa Marano). He lost a lot of blood before Vic made it down to him, but she did manage to drag him out of the building and get him to Grey Sloan Memorial.

Status: Vic is alive and well, but Montgomery had to be put on bypass during his surgery, which put him on leave for several weeks. He should return to the team for Episode 2.

Molly: Molly was found with a collapsed lung and internal bleeding after her coworkers nearly trampled her to death on their way out of the building. Ben was able to get her to the hospital, but she arrived at Grey Sloan unresponsive.

Status: Molly's heart stopped during surgery and they weren't able to revive her. She died.

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Pruitt: Pruitt wasn't present at the fire, but he collapsed back at the fire station. Luckily, Ryan (Alberto Frezza) arrived at the same time as Bailey (Chandra Wilson) and they rushed him to Grey Sloan. It turns out the chemo is what was making him weak, but it has been very effective on his cancer.

Status: He's well and just a handful of chemo treatments from remission!

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Miller: Miller (Okieriete Onaodowan) was the closest to safety at the end of Season 1 and was the first Station 19 firefighter to get out of the building. He attempted to go back for Jack, but the chief wouldn't let him back inside to his friends. He didn't listen either and went back in to find his BFF.

Status: Alive and well, but pissed at Gibson.

Warren: Did any part of you think that they'd kill off their closest tie to Grey's Anatomy?

Status: Physically A-ok, but after learning that Montgomery is in jeopardy and that Molly died, this fire might have hit Warren the hardest.

Station 19 continues Thursdays at 9/8c on ABC.