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The Emmys red carpet isn't just about fashion: TV's hottest stars arrive with lots of scoop to unload. Stars including Emmy winner Damian Lewis, Once Upon a Time's Ginnifer Goodwin and The Big Bang Theory ladies Melissa Rauch and Mayim Bialik unburdened themselves to TVGuide.com about such subjects as Homeland's new troubles, a Halloween extravaganza and a long-awaited reunion. Get the scoop below!

Modern Family, Homeland lead Emmys

1. Homeland pressure: Brody will continue to struggle with whether he's a newly minted Congressman or a ruthless terrorist. "I don't think that's something that Brody will ever come to terms with," Lewis says. "He still believes that the vice president of the United States committed an act of terrorism, and he still believes he should be taken down." Unlike last season, though, "Viewers will be surprised by how quickly the walls close in on Brody," he adds.

2. American Horror Story changes: As Ryan Murphy has previously teased, the actors who are returning to the show will be playing very different characters than they did in Season 1. Case in point: Evan Peters, Season 1's problem child, says there's a heroic element to his character, Kit. "He's an inmate trapped in an asylum trying to get out to save his wife," Peters tells us, noting that he'll butt heads with Jessica Lange's character, Sister Jude, once again. "There's still sort of the same dynamic. I was battling her in the first season and now I'm battling her again, but worse." Someone else on Jude's bad side? Lily Rabe's Sister Eunice. "We have a very intense, close, complicated relationship," she says.

3. Big Bang relationships: Bernadette and Howard will set a new standard on Halloween when they decide to do a couples costume. In addition to our previous tease, Rauch adds: "We will be dressed as a couple of awesome iconic characters." (If you can't figure it out by now, you should feel blue.)  Plus: "Amy is forever trying to move the relationship forward, and Sheldon is whiplashed from the breakneck speed at which its moving, but I think Halloween presents an interesting challenge for the couple," executive producer Bill Prady says, noting there may be pressure for them to dress up in a couple costume as well. Bialik's clue: "There's wigs involved for both of them."

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4. Once Upon a Time's Charming family reunion: Despite the recent clip that showed an awkward Charming family reunion, Goodwin says that the actual moment will be quite "beautiful." "In fact, I cried every time I read it, and then had to hold it together when we were actually filming," she tells us. "It's a beautiful scene. I'm very excited for the audience to see it."

5. Parks and Recreation's daddy issues: Though Ben (Adam Scott) is a sweet man, his father is anything but. "He's not a very nice one," Jonathan Banks tells us. "He's kind of a thug and inconsiderate and it fits perfectly." There will be some "nasty" arguments, considering Ben's dad has a new young girlfriend, and Ben's mom (Glenne Headly) isn't too happy with that. "It turns ugly."

6. Game of Thrones' mommy issues: Robb Stark's recent wedding will cause a lot of strife and not just because he broke his oath. "It changes their dynamic," Richard Madden says of the relationship between Robb and his mother Catelyn. Adds Michelle Fairley: "Rob is his own person, he is the king and she's the mother, but where does the child and parent separate and become their own individuals and respect their decisions?"

7. 30 Rock's swan song: As the Tina Fey comedy prepares to say farewell, Scott Adsit says life may imitate art, with characters starting to realize they're coming close to the end of the road. "They're starting to see things from a larger perspective and maybe looking at their lives differently now," he says. Sadly, Adsit hears there likely won't be another live show, but we'll keep our fingers crossed.