David Boreanaz, Ellen Pompeo, Mark Harmon David Boreanaz, Ellen Pompeo, Mark Harmon

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Will Booth and Brennan be fighting in the Bones premiere? — Mary
Although Booth takes a few verbal jabs in the premiere, you won't really begin to see his true emotions come out right away. "I think the initial reaction is relief and gratitude that [Brennan and Baby Christine] are fine," executive producer Stephen Nathan tells us. "The second episode is where [Booth] realizes he resents this person, that he's angry at her." But Nathan hints that Brennan's got some issues of her own. "Brennan has lived her entire life quite independently," Nathan says. "She's realizing for the first time that she's terribly interconnected with Booth... and this kind of shakes the foundation of who she feels she's been all these years. [She may] resent the fact that she gave herself over to another person."

Thanks for the Meredith scoop, but do you know anything about MerDer on the upcoming season of Grey's Anatomy? — Rachel
NATALIE: The good news is that the "year of romance" does apply to Meredith and Derek too. "They're OK because they survived the plane crash, so they're happy to be alive," Ellen Pompeo tells us. The bad news is that Derek's injury will lead to some trying times. "I don't know if his hand will ever fully be recovered. She'll do what you have to do as a partner; you have to support your partner." Plus: Have you seen Meredith as an attending?

Have you seen the NCIS premiere? I need details! — Robbie
As expected, the team dusts itself off pretty easily after the explosion at headquarters, although McGee is banged up much worse than some of his colleagues. As for Harper Dearing, the man behind the blast, he's got a few more tricks up his sleeve — and as you might have guessed, they all involve a big boom. That said, the much-anticipated Gibbs-Dearing showdown surprisingly ends up being a great deal more intimate than expected.

Any good Glee scoop? —Jackie
Not good, per se, unless you're a Tina-Artie fan because it sounds like Tina and Mike are really over. "It's a little sad right now," Jenna Ushkowitz tells us of the pair. "They were the longest-standing couple and they're definitely on the outs ... It opens up doors for her. It's interesting to switch it up a bit."

I need some fresh Hawaii Five-0 spoilers! — Wendy
If you're still wondering how Kono escapes from the watery grave into which we last saw her descend, know this: Thanks to clever thinking by Chin Ho, she gets help from a somewhat surprising source. But Kono's rescue isn't the only major event that takes place underwater. Also: While McGarrett spends much of the episode trying to hide his mom from Wo Fat, it turns out that she doesn't need his help at all — for more reasons than one.

I'm so excited that Daniel Gillies was included in the new Vampire Diaries cast gallery! What can you say about his role this season? — Heather
NATALIE: Elijah will definitely be back. In fact, Gillies just told us about a recent flashback scene he filmed. "It was the 11th century," Gillies says. "It was an episode that depicted a brand new menace on The Vampire Diaries and not just a menace to the beautiful boys and girls of Mystic Falls, but also to the Originals. A big threat."

I can't wait for Person of Interest to return. Will Reese be able to rescue Finch? — Luke
ADAM: Despite a valiant effort on Reese's part, Reese and Finch's reunion won't come in the season premiere. In fact, most of Finch's scenes take place in flashbacks, as we see how he trained the Machine to work. (Fun fact: The machine's excellent at blackjack!) What we do see of Finch in present day is a pretty certain fear of Root, who both reveals why she wants the Machine and proves exactly how ruthless she will be in order to get it.

Thanks for the Fringe scoop. Can you tell us if William Bell will be good or bad in the final season? — Joe
Considering he tried to use Olivia to destroy both universes, I think you have your answer already. "We left William Bell off as pretty much a bad guy," executive producer J.H. Wyman says, explaining that we'll get answers as to how he came to intersect with Walter & Co in the future. "You'll understand why he was frozen in the amber with our team," he adds. 

I'm so excited to see Matt Lauria on Parenthood! Do you have any more details on his role? — Shelly
ADAM: Back in July, showrunner Jason Katims said Amber would have a "deep, real love" this season and it looks like the apple of her eye might just be the Friday Night Lights grad. Although Lauria's character, Ryan, first enters the show as an Army vet friend of Zeek's, once Grandpa Braverman introduces him to Amber, sparks will fly. Sarah, naturally, will have hesitations about her daughter growing so close to someone who's been through so much.

Anything fun coming up on The Big Bang Theory? — Damon
The comic book store will hold its annual Halloween party, but there will be no Justice League now that Howard and Bernadette are married. Don't feel blue, because they will be... literally. (That's a hint — one that will definitely please our beloved nemesis.)

Anything you can tease about the Damages series finale? — Elizabeth
You'll learn exactly how Ellen ends up lying wide-eyed in the middle of the street — and it may or may not have something to do with the fact that there are two people on the roof above. Plus: There is a major time jump, another epic Ellen-Patty scene on the pier and two significant deaths on the way to what I would say is a pretty tragic ending.

I'm sad that Henry Ian Cusick has left Scandal. Please give me some scoop to satisfy me! — Laura
NATALIE: Stephen's exodus will naturally affect Abby, who's been crushing on him since Day 1, but it might turn out to be for the better. "The thing I can say about Steven being gone is it frees Abby up for some possibility," Darby Stanchfield says. "There's definitely some liberating possibility for Abby to move on with her life."

Adam's Mega Rave: Its complex plots may have often given me headaches, but I will miss Damages. Fortunately, the series ends with the same confident storytelling that won me over in the first place and a riveting Glenn Close performance that puts Patty Hewes in the books as an iconic TV character.

Natalie's Mini Rant: It was the Weeds moment we've all been waiting for: Nancy and Andy actually consummated their relationship. So why do we all feel so dirty?

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