Sebastian Roche Sebastian Roche

Sebastian Roché has been cast in a recurring role on Fringe, has confirmed.

Roché will play The Leader, a mysterious humanoid soldier from another universe who is attempting to gather information about Olivia Dunham and possibly start a war.

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You might recognize the Paris-born actor from his recurring gig on General Hospital, where he plays Jerry Jacks (aka James Craig), a terrorist who faked his own death. More recently, if you blinked, you missed him on the CW's The Beautiful Life in September. He also has a part in Steven Spielberg's big-screen Tintin adaption, which hits theaters in 2011.

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Roché replaces Thomas Kretschmann, who appeared as The Leader in the Oct. 8 episode (that was his head being reattached), but had to drop out due to scheduling.