Fringe Fringe

There's a war coming on Fringe. Two universes are crossing over and like the snow globes Nina Sharp (Blair Brown) showed us, it's not going to be pretty when they collide. But which side is good, and which is evil? Executive producers Jeff Pinkner and Joel Wyman discuss the "other side" in the clip below. They also touch on why Olivia (Anna Torv) has come back with some heightened powers and the man who may save her.

Fringe: Burning questions (Part II)

Plus, despite previously helping Walter (John Noble), the Observers may not actually be good guys. Find out what else the producers tease ...

FRINGE Executive Producers Talk Secrets

Fringe Executive Producers Jeff Pinkner and J.H. Wyman talk about the many secrets we've seen in the first few episodes.|Fringe|Jeff Pinkner|J.H. Wyman|