Sean Spicer will not dazzle audiences on Dancing with the Stars this fall. We weren't really expecting him to, to be honest, but now that we know he definitely won't be, we can't help being sad about it.

TMZ reports that the former White House press secretary has turned down the chance to vie for the Mirrorball trophy on the next season of the dancing competition. The gossip rag's sources report that Spicer was "flattered" by the offer to join the show, but believe he'll have an "overwhelming number of commitments in the fall," so he can't compete. Someone should do a Spicey-inspired dance with a podium anyway, though.

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Spicer left his job at the White House last month and was replaced by Wall Street's Anthony Scaramucci. The latter was then let go after just 10 days at the podium. That wasn't even enough time for Saturday Night Live to hire someone to do Scaramucci impressions. However, it does mean that Dancing has another potential Washington politico to twirl around the ballroom, if it can get him.

ABC won't reveal who else is in contention for their 25th season, though it's been reported that Bachelorette alum DeMario Jackson is in talks to join the show.