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Yes, Even Sean Spicer Thought Melissa McCarthy's SNL Impersonation Was Funny

Spicey knows how to laugh at himself, apparently

Amanda Bell

Outgoing White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer became one of the buzziest aspects of Saturday Night Live's 42nd Season once Melissa McCarthy took on his podium personality. Her Emmy-nominated appearance in the series was an instant hit and became one of the most celebrated running skits of the season.

Now, Spicer himself has admitted that he had to laugh at certain aspects of McCarthy's impression. He told Sean Hannity on Fox News, "I'm a prankster, so I like a good joke. I think when it's funny, it's funny. You gotta laugh at yourself ... I think there were a couple parts of [SNL] that were funny."

Of course, he didn't love everything saw of McSpicey or some of SNL's other hot takes on the current administration, and added that "a lot of it was over the line, it wasn't funny."

While we don't know for sure where Spicer drew the line between funny and not funny, the gag about his frequent use of chewing gum had to be among those that enjoyed since he actually responded to that bit in a later interview.


Saturday Night Live, NBC

As for what else he actually enjoyed from the McSpicey era (which, presumably, has come to an early end thanks to his unrelated decision to resign his post), we've got some guesses.

The Easter skit which revived his former days as the White House Easter Bunny (under President George W. Bush) was probably clever enough to ear some chuckles from Spicer.


Saturday Night Live, NBC

And when Spicey went on the offensive with his podium against the wily press gaggle, we bet that had to be at least a little funny to the real-life Spicer.


Saturday Night Live, NBC

And who didn't laugh when Spicey and the podium hit the streets of New York City?


Saturday Night Live, NBC

Chances are the Spicey SNL era has ended in conjunction with Spicer's term as press secretary, but the highlights reel from this running gag won't soon be forgotten.