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SNL Parodies Jon Snow's Return on Game of Thrones

Plus: The Church Lady returns!

Merrill Barr

This week on Saturday Night Live, Brie Larson stepped in as host for what was a very politically-minded episode that tackled many of the week's big topics, including Ted Cruz's withdrawal from the presidential race, Hillary Clinton's never-ending controversy of *gasp*being female, and Larry Wilmore's use of the N-word in front of President Obama. And yet, somehow, the gang still found room for a little Mother's Day humor, plus a parody of Jon Snow's return on Game of Thrones.

Check out the best sketches below.

Church Lady: In a surprising turn of events, Dana Carvey showed up as his classic Church Lady character for the cold open, but why? Well, it seems the actor had a thing or two to say about the current Presidential race, particularly about the Republican candidates. Ted Cruz may be out of the game, but that isn't going to stop Carvey from hammering the final nail into the coffin of his campaign... and he uses a Trump impersonation to do it.

Brie Larson's Monologue: After that, things got rolling with an opening monologue that, while not particularly funny, was sweet. Many of the cast members, and Larson herself, either sent a Mother's Day shout-out to their mom, or actually brought her on stage. Not a bad gift by any measure.

Game of Thrones: Look, when Jon Snow came back to life on Game of Throneslast week, we were all super excited. SNL knew just how to express what we were all screaming for the last two episodes - probably best summed up by Kenan Thompson's character in this bit.

Will Drake be a better SNL host/musical guest than Ariana Grande?

New Barbie: In this week's fake ad skit, SNL took an interesting, but far from subtle, swipe at all the discussion surrounding Hillary Clinton's presidential campaign. Here, the show addressed that while there are many people who unfairly judge the candidate for being a woman, it doesn't mean she should get special praise just for being one. Ultimately, the bit's attempt to walk both sides of the line didn't hit completely, but it was notable all the same.

Sasheer Zamata On The N-Word: During Weekend Update, Sasheer Zamata took on the controversy surrounding Larry Wilmore's use of the N-word during the White House Correspondents' Dinner. This segment was ultimately more informative than it was funny, but it makes a true point. Wilmore was being true to his culture that night, and he got the reaction he was going for from everyone - including POTUS.