Ronda Rousey is back, not for a fight but in a promo for her stint as Saturday Night Live host on Jan. 23.

She's still able to make most of us see stars in a few seconds - a fact she happily announces while looking down on the people of New York from a high-rise window - but clad in a sexy red dress in the teaser while playing up her badass-feminist-superhero-gladiator abilities.

Ronda Rousey accidentally predicted her own defeat on The Tonight Show

"Ronda, I feel an immediate bond with you," Beck Bennett says at one point, putting his arm around her in the kind of cheesy, unwelcome advance almost every woman knows. "Sometimes in life you gotta open your soul window and let the love rays into your body condo."

"Aw, take your arm off me before I rip it off," she says.

There's no mention of her shocking loss to Holly Holm in the promo but maybe that's in the episode? Then again, maybe writers were rightfully too scared to suggest it. We'll have to tune in Saturday to find out. Check out the clip below.

Saturday Night Live with Ronda Rousey and musical guest Selena Gomez airs Saturday Jan. 23 at 11:30/10:30c on NBC.