The penultimate episode of Riverdale's second season had a lot of revelations but one of the biggest reveals was the mask FINALLY coming off the Black Hood!

After an entire season of speculation, Hal Cooper (Lochlyn Munro) confessed to his family that he's been the masked vigilante deciding who in Riverdale should pay for their sins with their lives. Yes, friends, Hal Cooper is the one that shot Fred Andrews (Luke Perry) for being an adulterer. It's hypocritical but true, and now Betty's (Lili Reinhart) world has been turned completely upside down!

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Luckily, Betty was able to team up with Alice (Madchen Amick) to bring Hal down. He was sent away in handcuffs just as Archie (KJ Apa) arrived to reveal that a copycat Black Hood just tried to shoot him and Fred.

TV Guide talked to Munro about playing the serial killer, his feelings about that copycat and if there's possible redemption for Hal after all those deaths.

<p>KJ Apa, <em>Riverdale</em> </p>

KJ Apa, Riverdale

How long have you known that Hal Cooper was the Black Hood?
Lochlyn Munro: Since the table read for Episode 21...We read Episode 21 a day before we started filming and that's when I found out. I was obviously suspicious because Betty was pointing pretty hard at Hal since [Episode] 19, but I personally thought that's too obvious. I felt like I was a red herring. Then it ended up that Hal is the hood.

Do you think they made Hal the Black Hood because so many people thought that Hal killed Jason Blossom last season?
Munro: I don't know. I don't even know if the writers planned on Hal being the Black Hood right out of the gate. It's hard for me to answer that because they keep tight-lipped on everything. Maybe that was part of it. Maybe the audience wanted Hal to be a killer so they went to find out if they could make him a killer.

After Hal confesses, he spends a lot of time talking about how his darkness also lives in Betty. Do you think he hopes Betty will take up the Black Hood mantle?
Munro: I don't think that he wants Betty to do a killing spree of her own. I think it's Hal's deflection of trying to justify who he is. If he feels that it's spread to his daughter then it's okay for him to be who he is. Those are sort of the backstories. I had to come up with the backstory for that scene in the house really quickly. I only had a couple of days before we filmed that. Up until then, I had never played Hal as the Black Hood. I didn't play Hal with any intention of that backstory.

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How does this complicate his relationship with Betty? He's a serial killer but he's also still her dad.
Munro: That's an interesting question because I personally don't know yet...You would think this would put a real complication in any type of relationship that he has with anyone in Riverdale, I would think. It depends on how the rest of the family feels about him and if he has any sort of redemption.

Hal has what he thinks is a noble reason for everything he's been doing. How is he going to feel about a copycat who maybe doesn't have that intention?
Munro: Obviously, he feels like anyone who is taking up that mantra has to do it for the fact that they are purging sin and not just there to scare people. Maybe Hal will be utilized will be used to hunt down another serial killer.

We see Hal get arrested at the end of the episode. Is this going to be the last that we see of him for now or is there a chance that we're going to see some more Black Hood action in the finale?Munro: You won't see Black Hood action, but that's not the last you see of Hal.

Riverdale's Season 2 finale airs Wednesday, May 16 at 8/7c on The CW.

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