Bless Archie Andrews' (KJ Apa) heart, that boy tries.

Our ginger-haired hero of Riverdale has done his best to be a good son, friend and citizen of Riverdale. He broke his hand trying to fish Cheryl (Madelaine Petsch) out of Sweetwater River. He gave Jughead (Cole Sprouse) a place to stay when he found out his best friend was homeless. He took care of Fred (Luke Perry) after he was shot.

Those are all good deeds, but Archie has also made a lot of...questionable decisions over the course of two seasons. Remember when he went undercover at the Serpents' hangout wearing his bright yellow and blue letterman jacket? There's also the time he started a group of vigilante graffiti artists with the football team (and announced their creation with a viral video in which they all posed shirtless). This season also saw Archie dabble a little with FBI espionage, until it turned out the agent was a plant sent by the Lodges to test Archie's loyalty.

Inside the Riverdale Musical Episode

Archie's impulse control issues are what create a lot of great drama on Riverdale, but we needed to ask the cast what their favorite, "What the hell were you thinking, Archie?" storyline was. You can bet that vigilante video makes an appearance, because seriously Archie, why?!

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KJ Apa, <em>Riverdale</em>KJ Apa, Riverdale