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Rick and Morty Sell Out for Massive Sporting Event and That's OK

Buy some Pringles, sheeple!

Tim Surette

Rick and Morty is a big deal. Just walk into any Hot Topic and you'll see. But today, the Adult Swim cartoon is a really big deal: It's shilling molded potato chips in a Super Bowl ad! Welcome to the world of cashing in, Rick and Morty!

The 30-second spot, which will air sometime during the big game on Sunday, Feb. 2 and cost Pringles something in the range of $5 million dollars, features Summer and Rick chillin' and watchin' a Pringles ad, to which Summer asks, "How much do you think Pringles paid these people?" Rick goes meta and replies, "Hardly anything," which is a doggon' lie. (C'mon, you know creator Justin Roiland is Scrooge McDucking his way through some crisp 20s to a symphony of crunching potato chips right about now thanks to this.)

Then, a bunch of robo-Mortys enter and won't shut up about stacking different types of Pringles on top of each other to create new flavors, which I guess is Pringles' new campaign. Buy multiple types of Pringles! Open them all at once! Eat them two at a time so you need to buy more Pringles sooner! We're not falling for it, old chip-in-a-tube! We're on to your tricks.

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Anyway, Rick eventually realizes they're stuck in a Pringles commercial, which is pretty much the lowest-effort Rick and Morty twist the ad campaign could come up with. Hey, at least it's not those try-hard Doritos commercials.

Rick and Morty isn't new to shilling. The beloved cartoon recently finished a campaign for the PlayStation 4 game Death Stranding, previously sold Old Spice, and was at the center of the McDonald's Szechuan sauce fiasco. And you know what? That's fine. Make that money, Rick and Morty. You've earned it.

The second half of Rick and Morty's 10-episode fourth season is expected to premiere on Cartoon Network's Adult Swim sometime in 2020.

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