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McDonald's Brings Back Szechuan Sauce for Rick and Morty

Just in time for the Season 3 premiere!

Amanda Bell

The quest for Szechuan sauce is complete!

As we prepared for the premiere of Rick and Morty's third season, we wondered if the title characters would ever get their hands on some of the limited-release-only McDonald's sauce they so craved. We now know that the answer is yes.

The house of golden arches has apparently gotten in on the fun of the show's preview premiere episode -- which aired in April and re-airs Sunday before the show launches into the second episode of the long-awaited new season -- by re-creating the sauce the company had released decades ago in conjunction with the premiere of Disney's Mulan.

Co-creator Justin Roiland shared the first image of the saucy fruits of his labor on Twitter, revealing that the company even went so far as to transport the product from a dimension where "it's always 1998" before shutting down the portal, as a nod to the show's time-hopping tricks.

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"We wish we could have brought more sauce through, but we couldn't risk keeping a portal like that open. Think about it, if you knew in 1998 that McDonald's would have All Day Breakfast in 2017, would you want to stay in 1998? Of course not. If we left the portal open, we'd have puka shells, bucket hats, and boy bands as far as the eye could see. It's too risky, even for a sauce as delicious as this," read the letter from Chef Mike that accompanied the sauce.

If that wasn't clever enough, the label for the extremely limited product release reads: "For use only in McDonald's restaurants during limited promotional window, and then maybe again twenty years later. DO NOT SERVE to mad scientists traveling with their teenage grandson; potential non-scientist version of mad scientists from an alternate dimension; and/or Jerry."

McDonald's themselves posted a pic of their yummy creation on Twitter, revealing that they'd indeed only made four 64 oz. bottles of the throwback sauce -- one of which went to Roiland.

As for what'll happen to the rest, the company has not yet disclosed its plans for the remaining bottles, but Chef Mike did say "a few lucky fans will also get to experience the glory" of the time-traveling sauce. Considering that fan petition for a revival of the sauce and the fact that someone actually paid thousands of dollars for an old packet of the stuff, these bottles are probably going to be collectible items for whichever Rick and Morty lovers receive them.

"McNugga Lubba Dub Dub," indeed.

Rick and Morty season three debuts Sunday at 11/10c on Adult Swim.