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Rick and Morty's Season 3 Surprise Has Fans Clamoring for More...McDonald's Szechuan Sauce

Even if it takes nine seasons!

Amanda Bell

April Fools' Day might've been filled with tons of "gotcha" moments from the digital television community -- Netflix Live!, Hulu's Hu, and Roku's SnackSuggest among them -- but there's one online offering that wasn't a trick on Saturday.

Rick and Morty dropped its first episode of Season 3 online via Adult Swim's live streaming site, and not only was it a legitimate new episode reveal, but it inspired a revival effort almost no one could've seen coming.

In the episode, Morty reveals that his truest passion in life right now is to inspire McDonald's to bring back a long-lost relic of its menu: the McNuggets' Szechuan sauce that was temporarily released in conjunction with Disney's Mulan in 1998.

The show's official Twitter wrote that it hoped the show's cultural influence went so far as to inspire a return of the long-shelved product, and both fans and McDonald's responded in kind.

Fans launched a Change.org petition to have the Golden Arches bring back the flavor sauce (which has garnered over 7,000 signatures as of this writing), and McDonald's tweeted in response, "McNugga Lubba Dub Dub."

It might take nine whole seasons to make it happen, as Morty predicted, but they've clearly already got the company's attention. Until then, Rick and Morty will return with the rest of its new third season this summer.