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Emily's mom is alive! Amanda is pregnant! But is Victoria really dead? Ever since Revenge's literally explosive Season 1 finale, which saw Queen Grayson's private plane blow up, fans have been clamoring to know just whether the woman they love to hate has really thrown her last Hamptons soiree. Although our money is on a last-minute switcheroo, star Madeleine Stowe was one of only two cast members not present for a special set visit held for reporters Thursday as part of the Television Critics Association fall TV previews. "I think you have to tune in to see how we handle that," creator and executive Mike Kelley said. Added star Gabriel Mann: "She's not saying anything. She hasn't been around. We haven't seen her." Although they were mum about Victoria, Kelley and the show's cast shared 10 other juicy spoilers for the new season.

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1. It's all coming back to Emily now.
Although she looked shocked to learn that her mother was still alive in the season finale, Emily will start to remember the extreme circumstances under which her mom left the picture. "She's certainly going to be discovering things as we go," Emily VanCamp said. "She's sort of flashing back to what happened to the mom and that's how she's trying to trace where the mom might be. I think it's something very traumatic and she put it out of her head completely." Added Kelley: "It's a big surprise as to what happened to her."

2. Emily's mom is going to turn things upside down. The resurfacing of Emily's "very unhinged" mom — to be played by guest star Jennifer Jason Leigh — will challenge [Emily] to look inside of herself and evaluate why she behaves the way she behaves, VanCamp said. "I think it's going to bring out a whole different side of this character." Like the series premiere, the new season will again open with a quote — this time about destiny and particularly "whether you have a hand in choosing your own destiny or whether it's something that's already laid out for you," Kelley said. "This season is all about free will versus fate."

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3. Hot fun in the summertime.
It's time for the beach and BBQs once again in Southampton. "We open with a flash-forward to the end of summer again and a real terrible event occurs," Kelley said. "And then we bring the audience back to the beginning of the summer." This also means that when the show returns, Amanda is eight months pregnant. "The maternal instinct certainly makes her defend the baby ... but the fun Amanda is still there," Margarita Levieva said. Levieva, however, is still waiting to hear whether she'll be filming the birth for the show.

4. The love triangle has officially become a square. According to Levieva, Amanda will do her "mightiest" to keep Jack, who in turn will be "struggling with trying to reconcile his loyalty with his heart," Nick Wechsler said. And who else wants Emily? Daniel, despite how they ended things last season. "You're just going see someone who's — it says in the script — 'brooding,'" Josh Bowman said. "He feels guilt-ridden. He misses what he had with Emily." Look for Daniel to also develop a bit of a drinking problem as a result of his broken heart.

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5. But Amanda will have to pass a very important test to win Jack.
"I suspect that will come," Wechsler said of a possible paternity test. "I think there's no way he doesn't question [the paternity]. He's kind of going along with it  out of obligation. I think his obligation to her makes him turn a blind eye to certain things. He's ignoring certain things in order to pretend he's happy or something. I think at some point, he's going to realize it."

6. Nolan's a new man ... or is he? Mann hinted that fans will start to see a new and different Nolan. "He got real tired of getting beat up last year," he said. However, despite all those physical, and sometimes emotional, injuries endured on Emily's behalf, he's still willing to go the distance for her. "At this point, I would do anything for her, including compromising my own safety and to a degree, my own morals," Mann said. However, part of this "new Nolan" includes a new love interest and a deeper exploration of Nolan's backstory. "I think we will start to live a little bit more in the world of NolCorp this year," Mann said.

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7. Ashley is still one to watch out for.
Now that Daniel is no longer with Emily, it's only natural (not!) that her so-called best friend, Ashley, will swoop in to take her place. "He's using her just as much as she's using him. She wants to get ahead in life and Daniel wants to do his own thing," Bowman said, noting how "guilt-ridden" Daniel is over his mother's death. "He's definitely preoccupied with Ashley, but he's not really there. His body might be there, but mentally, he's in a different realm. She's cute. She passes the time."

8. Charlotte survived her overdose, but has she overcome her addiction? "The addiction still plays a role," Christa B. Allen said. "[It's] still present in some way."

9. Is there hope for Charlotte and Declan? Hopefully, time really does heal all wounds for these star-crossed lovers. "It would be my prediction that they ultimately end up together but maybe not this season," Allen said. "They're two very different people and Declan did some shady things last season. That's hard to get over when you're lying in court to affect somebody's family and future." However, Charlotte needs someone to lean on now more than ever. "I think the reason he still loves Charlotte is because he knows how sad she is," Connor Paolo said. "Now, I think he's put aside everything because she almost died and her mom's dead."

10. Someone will learn the truth about Emily and Amanda: "It will eventually come out to a very important character and that's something I want to explore this season," Kelley said, "but it's not going to come out en masse until the very end of the series."

Revenge returns on Sunday, Sept. 30 at 9/8c on ABC.