Jennifer Jason Leigh, Emily VanCamp Jennifer Jason Leigh, Emily VanCamp

Jennifer Jason Leigh is joining Revenge in the highly coveted role of Emily's mysterious mom, has confirmed.

Little is known about Emily's mother, who was believed to be dead for many years. However, she was revealed to be alive in an old videotape uncovered by Emily (Emily VanCamp) in the season finale. "What you're going to discover about the woman who was Emily's mother is the circumstances under which they were separated, and you're going to find that there's some deep psychological issues with her, which I think is going to be fun for us to explore," series creator and executive producer Mike Kelley told Entertainment Weekly in May."[Emily]'s going to start seeing some of the psychological damage that her mother has in herself."

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Leigh, 50, knows from psychological damage, having scared the bejeezus out of us as a stalkery roommate who terrorizes Bridget Fonda in Single White Female (1992). She also appeared in the 1982 comedy Fast Times at Ridgemont High, as Tom Hanks' doomed wife in 2002's Road to Perdition and has recurred on Weeds for three seasons, playing Nancy's sister, Jill. Leigh joins British actor Barry Sloane, who will also be introduced in Season 2 as a man connected to Emily's past. Dun-dun-dun!

Revenge moves to Sundays at 9/8c when it returns for its second season this fall on ABC.