Emily Van Camp, John Krasinski, Anna Paquin Emily Van Camp, John Krasinski, Anna Paquin

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I know it's early, but got any scoop on Revenge? —Jennifer
Daniel isn't the only Grayson making a play for the family business. Conrad's son from his first marriage will pop up next season. Intelligent and effortlessly handsome, this other heir apparent will attempt to reclaim his role in Conrad's life and company, throwing the family and corporate dynamic into chaos. Anyone else hoping Emily sets her sights on him next?

I heard The Office might be bringing in some fresh blood. Got any intel on Dunder Mifflin's new hires? —Michael
Yes, but don't worry, the paper company isn't bringing in any more new bosses. One of the new kids is pretty low on the totem pole, which means he stuffs envelopes and has to make sure Angela gets the right amount of hazelnut syrup in her coffee (easier said than done). Fortunately, he takes advantage of the many trips to the coffee shop to flirt with the barista. But don't look for this guy to woo any woman with practical jokes à la Jim — he is not very smooth with the pranks.

Woo-hoo! Sookie and Alcide hooked up on True Blood. What's next? —Lila
Sure, Sookie was drunk (damn those Orange Marzipans!) when they hooked up, but that doesn't mean that she'll regret her roll in the hay with Alcide. "Their relationship goes a lot deeper than that," Joe Manganiello tells us. "The fun thing about that scene is that it plays really real and adult. Kids at home, that is how babies are made." Wait, does that mean Sookie's going to be knocked up with... cubs?

I am going into major Braverman withdrawal! Got any scoop on the new season of Parenthood? —Lynette
There are some new faces in our midst — and they're all going to make quite the first impression. Julia, Joel and their newly adopted son, Victor, will be in hot water when Max's beloved lizard goes missing after Victor visits. Meanwhile, Amber, now working as the receptionist at the Luncheonette, will hit it off with a musician whose band is working in the studio. Too bad she only finds out he has a girlfriend after she sleeps with him. Will this girl ever get lucky in love?

Why didn't you ask about The Walking Dead's Glenn? —Derek
Don't worry, I did! After dealing with fear and some, ahem, inadequacies last season, Glenn will be back to his old ways. "Glenn and Maggie's relationship is incredibly important to the world of The Walking Dead," showrunner Glen Mazzara tells us. "It is a ray of hope. Love was new territory for Glenn last season and it threw him for a loop. We're excited to see him back to the resourceful, wily, go-getter of the first season."

I still can't believe 90210's explosive season finale! Is Dixon going to be OK? — Stacey
Well, we can't reveal his fate, but we can say that fans won't have to wait long for his prognosis. The Season 5 premiere picks up right after the car accident, but Dixon isn't the only victim. But it's not all bad news. A new face, a hot Ivy League techie (think Justin Timberlake in The Social Network) will join the cast. Too bad this charmer is a little too focused on his computer and not enough on his friends. We're sure a few days in the 90210 will set him straight.

What can you tell us about Quinn on this season of Dexter? —Jason
After spending last season in a nosedive after his breakup with Deb, Quinn will finally get his act together this season. Still, he may find himself in hot water since he has a past with new character George (Jason Gedrick). "When the Miami Metro has to investigate the killing of a fellow police officer, it leads them to one of Isaac's clubs that George manages," executive producer Sara Colleton says. "Quinn knows George from his days in narcotics because, along with it being a driving nightclub stripper business, it's also a place where the Ukrainian mob laundered a lot of money and passed its drugs and guns and all sort of things. So everyone's plot is thickening." Get more scoop here!

Will Jamie and Danny be able to stay on good terms when Blue Bloods reports back to duty for Season 3? —Connor
After reconciling in the season finale, it will be smooth sailing for the Reagan brothers, if only because they will both have their hands full with other problems. Danny and Linda will clash when she decides to go back to work as a nurse in the ER. Meanwhile, Jamie will have to deal with a new partner, Ricky Cruz, a big talker who is constantly, annoyingly talking about his old stomping grounds. Let's hope these opposites can attract, or at least learn to work together.

Thanks for the scoop on Parks & Recreation. Now that Ben is away, any chance we'll see Dave back? —James
We posed that very question to Parks boss Mike Schur, who says Louis C.K.'s return is not out of the question. "We set up a thing in his last episode where he was applying for this job as the police chief, and we didn't answer the question of what happened with that," he says. "If it were up to us, we would just stash him in a closet and drag him out and make him be in every episode."

I still miss Jill on Royal Pains! Are there any more details on Hank's new possible love interest? —Allison
You mean love interests, plural! Co-creator and executive producer Andrew Lenchewski says there will be two new women coming into Hank's life, one he meets through a matchmaker (as we first reported, Kat Foster plays a pediatrician who has zero interest in dating another doctor) and a woman we meet "because of an adventure Boris invites Hank on," he says. Could this "adventure" be a return trip to Cuba? We've been craving plantains.

Sadie is my favorite character on Awkward! I hope she stays sassy! —Lonie  
Sadie will always be sassy! But will she be sassy enough to deal with "the Julies"? Creator Lauren Iungerich tells us that later in the season viewers will meet Julie (Tru Collins) and Julie (Sophia Tilson), who Iungerich says "are even more queen bee than Sadie." But when we asked Molly Tarlov if Sadie will lose her reigning title, she told us, "I don't think in the world of Awkward it can happen."

Who dies on Covert Affairs? —Sam
Silly, we can't tell you that! But we can tell you that this is no fake-out and the person will not be coming back from the dead any time soon. He or she "is really dead," co-creator Chris Ord tells us. "We're not that type of show to pull a switch. We want [the death] to mean something ... and it would be hollow to go back on it." Get your Kleenex ready!

Adam Mega Rave: Hawaii Five-0 made a major casting coup snagging Christine Lahti to play McGarrett's mother, who happens to be the only person Wo Fat fears. Because Mrs. McGarrett figures so centrally in the mythology of the show, it needed a formidable actress like this Oscar and Emmy winner.

Natalie's Mini Rant: Really? Tim Scottson — who? — shot Nancy? You can do better, Weeds.

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