Mary-Louise Parker Mary-Louise Parker

Nancy Botwin's past finally caught up to her.

The matriarch of one of the most dysfunctional families on TV kicked off the eighth and final season of Weeds on the ground, covered in blood, having been shot in the head. There's no way the Showtime series would kill off star Mary-Louise Parker — not yet, at least — but it raises the question: Who would want to kill Nancy?

Weeds to end after upcoming season

Well, I mean, who wouldn't really, right? Was it the disgruntled Guillermo (Guillermo Diaz), who made a blink-and-you'll-miss-it appearance last season? Did Heylia (Tonye Patano) finally retaliate for years of strife? Would Esteban's Mexican cartel still even care about Nancy?

Nope, instead of any of those likely scenarios, the long-awaited reveal ended up being kind of lame. The assassin was the all-but-forgotten Tim Scottson (Daryl Sabara), the son of DEA agent Peter Scottson (Martin Donovan), aka Nancy's former and late husband who met his demise way back in Season 2 at the hands of Armenian drug dealers after a falling-out with Nancy.

So maybe the takeaway here, in the final season of the show, is that Nancy's past mistakes are finally going to catch up with her. And, let's be clear, she has done worse things than ostensibly condemn Peter to death, including — but definitely not limited to — burning down Agrestic, screwing over Heylia and Conrad (Romany Malco), setting up her prison lover Zoya (Olga Sosnovska)... really, the list goes on and on.

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It's high time (see what we did there?) that these people get their sweet, sweet revenge. The former PTA housewife-turned-pot dealer can't return to her old life, no matter how hard she tries, so isn't it just time that she meet her maker? What do you think? Doesn't Nancy Botwin deserve to die? Who do you think should do the honors? And how did you feel about Tim being the shooter? Hit the comments with your thoughts on how Weeds should end this season.

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