The Parents Television Council is none too pleased with some of the new shows premiering this fall. The watchdog group, whose mission is "protect children and families from graphic sex, violence and profanity," is pointing a finger at some of the shows this fall they deem too offensive for your television.

The group has named Scream Queens, Life in Pieces and Angel From Hell the worst offenders, and has some pretty harsh words about them. Thanks to Scream Queens's "graphic gore, sexual dialogue, and a deeply disturbing tone...this show's greatest shock is that it is on the public airwaves to begin with," they say.

They also note that Life in Pieces is "larded with wall-to-wall sex and scatological 'humor,'" and that Angel from Hell features Jane Lynch's "patented obnoxious bully schtick."


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But don't worry, it's not all hate. The PTC is singing the praises of Supergirl's "cheerful and upbeat" tone, The Grinder and Crazy Ex-Girlfriend. Though that last one is more or less on probation for the pilot's "questionable" language. "Judging from the first episode, the program does have the potential to be a positive family show," the group says, "but whether the program will follow that path, or go down a more explicit one, has yet to be seen.

Take a look at everything the group had to say about the new series.

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