The election is more than a year away, but battle lines have already been drawn — when it comes to new fall shows.

According to TVGuide.com users' Watchlist adds, red states are most excited for NBC's Heroes Reborn reboot, while blue states are counting down the days until CBS' Supergirl. The all-important swing states side with the latter, preferring Supergirl over No. 2 Heroes Reborn.

Despite the different top choices, though, the groups' overall tastes are more similar than you may think. The top five shows for each are the same, just in a different order, proving once and for all that TV is something everyone can agree on.

Top 5 New Fall Shows: Red States
1. Heroes Reborn
2. Supergirl and Quantico (tie)
3. Blindspot and Limitless (tie)

Top 5 New Fall Shows: Blue States
1. Supergirl
2. Heroes Reborn
3. Blindspot
4. Limitless
5. Quantico

Top 5 New Fall Shows: Swing States
1. Supergirl
2. Heroes Reborn
3. Blindspot
4. Limitless and Quantico (tie)

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Methodology: "Red" and "blue" states were determined by a 2014 Gallup poll in which people self-identified as red or blue. States were classified as red or blue if there was a 5 percent or greater lead of one political party over the other. Any state in which the difference was less than 5 percent was classified as a "swing" state. Each political group's winning show was determined by the aggregate number of Watchlist adds within each political group. For example, while Heroes Reborn was not No. 1 in every "red" state, it was No. 1 in the red states overall.