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Rhino Drops a Big Clue About His Identity in This Masked Singer Sneak Peek

And it sends Ken Jeong off the deep end

Malcolm Venable

You gotta love Ken Jeong. Every week onThe Masked Singer, the onetime physician turned comedian and actor keeps the show lively with his off-the-wall antics, throwing out names of celebrities who couldn't possibly be on stage. (For his part, bless his heart, Ken freely admits that he's the "dumbest" judge on the show.) Remember that time he thought Flower -- clearly Patti LaBelle -- was Björk? And that time he also thought Swan was Björk? Oh Ken, you're too cute.

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Adorable as he is, Jeong might have slipped off the delicate patch of ice that separates silliness and total madness in Wednesday's Masked Singer. In the exclusive clip above, he once again pulls a guess from some back corner of his obviously brilliant mind while trying to figure out who Rhino is.

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Fueling Jeong's bizarro speculation is a Navy hat that Rhino presents in his clue package. Jeong takes that hat to mean Rhino has some sort of Navy affiliation. Makes sense so far, right? Well, Jeong reads that clue as a sign that Rhino was once a star on the Navy procedural series JAG, which... OK Ken, sure. As if that theory weren't cray enough, he then can't even remember the name of the person he thinks Rhino is (that would be David James Elliott), so he spends a good minute or so flailing as he tries to recall the actor's name. It is peak Ken Jeong, and it's a delight. The bigger question here though: Why would Rhino actually have a Navy hat?! Hmm.

The Masked Singer airs Wednesdays 8/7c on Fox.


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