If you couldn't already tell from the many puzzling yet disturbing clues Ryan Murphy has been relentlessly teasing, this season of American Horror Story is going to be insane.

He took things a step further on Wednesday evening when he announced that Girls alum Lena Dunham would be appearing in one episode of Season 7. "Thrilled that my talented friend Lena Dunham is joining the AMERICAN HORROR STORY family. Always wanted to work together, and now we r!" he wrote on Twitter.

Murphy's been pretty tight-lipped so far about actual details regarding the upcoming seventh season of AHS, so it's unclear what small role she will be playing. Murphy is no stranger to stunt casting and Dunham certainly fits the bill.

What we do now is that the title of the show is expected to be revealed sometime this week. Have fun deciphering Murphy's teasers that include photos of a Twisty comic book, demented elephants, people with holes and a man covered in bees .

Season 7 of American Horror Story premieres this fall on FX.