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8 Things We Hope to See in Legacies Season 2

Pun 100 percent intended

Sadie Gennis

The return of Legacies is just around the corner! The Vampire Diaries and The Originals spin-off returns for its second season in October, when we will finally find out what happened to Hope (Danielle Rose Russell) after that jaw-dropping Season 1 finale that saw Hope jump into Malivore -- with Landon's (Aria Shahghasemi) brother Clarke (Nick Fink) in tow -- in order to stop it from opening and releasing all the monsters that had been imprisoned inside.

Now all memories of Hope have been erased, with her various loved ones unable to even remember she existed. But this Hope-less world isn't going to be a replica of Lizzie's wish world in which Hope never existed. Despite Landon, Alaric ( Matt Davis), Josie (Kaylee Bryant), and the others being unable to remember Hope, they will be aware that something is missing from their lives; they just won't be able to identify precisely what that is.

The Legacies Season 2 Trailer Gives Us Our First Look at Hope

Check out everything to expect of Legacies Season 2 in the video above, and read on for our eight biggest hopes (pun totally intended) for what's next on the supernatural drama.

1. They don't draw out Hope and Rafael's predicaments too long.

Danielle Rose Russell, Legacies

While we're curious to see what Hope's experience inside Malivore is like and what Rafael (Peyton Alex Smith) does while trapped in his wolf form, what we're really interested in is seeing how these experiences affect them moving forward. Only when all of our favorite characters are back together will we truly be able to dig into how grave the consequences from the events in the Season 1 finale are. We're also excited by the chance to see interesting new dynamics between our heroes, many of whom will likely be drastically changed by what they've undergone. So don't spin your wheels too long, Legacies, because we want to get into the meat of this season ASAP.

2. We get some clarity on what Malivore is and isn't.

The CW

A golem, a hell dimension, a father, formerly a pit of black goo -- Malivore contains multitudes. But the logic of how exactly Malivore is all of these things at once remains a bit murky. It would be great if this season could establish more ground rules that make what Malivore is and isn't capable of easier to understand. The more we know about how powerful Malivore is, the more terrifying Malivore will be as a Big Bad.

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3. Backstories for M.G. and Kaleb.

Christopher De'Sean Lee and Quincy Fouse, Legacies
Quantrell Colbert, Quantrell Colbert/The CW

Season 1 revealed M.G.'s (Quincy Fouse) family is a lot more interesting than we ever would have guessed when it came out that his mother was the leader of Triad. However, creator Julie Plec told TV Guide that there aren't plans to make Triad a big part of Season 2, which means we likely won't see too much of M.G.'s mom clashing with her son this season. Still, even though we might not get to see a lot of M.G.'s complicated family dynamics in the present, it'd be nice to find out more his family dynamics in the past. We're dying to know more about how he became a vampire in the first place and what happened with his parents when they first discovered what had befallen their son. Additionally, it would be great if Season 2 featured a lot more of Kaleb (Chris Lee), who really evolved over the course of Season 1 from a total prick to one of our favorite Salvatore School students. Legacies could benefit a lot from fleshing out its ensemble of characters, and an easy way to do that would be to dig into Kaleb's history before joining the Salvatore School and explore how his past shaped him into the person we met at the beginning of the series.

4. More vampire action!

The CW

Having a school for supernatural students is such a fun premise, but it felt like so many of the monsters they faced were defeated primarily by witchcraft. With the three leading female characters all witches (Hope has yet to die and activate her vampire side) it makes sense why this would be the case. But that being said, let's up the vampire action in Season 2! We want to see more fangs, compulsion, super-speed, and all the stuff that helped make The Vampire Diaries and Originals edge-of-your-seat TV.

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5. Alaric's love interest actually sticks around.

Matt Davis, Legacies
Jace Downs, Jace Downs/The CW

Why can't Alaric ever be happy?! That's the true mystery of The Vampire Diaries universe. With Emma (Karen David) off on her "sabbatical," aka Fear the Walking Dead, and Alaric almost definitely out of a job at the Salvatore School, we're really hoping the poor man catches a break. It does seem he's getting a new love interest in Sheriff Mac (Bianca Kajlich), but just giving him someone to romance isn't enough to appease us at this point; we're looking for Alaric to find his next great love -- and for her to survive long enough for them to earn a real happily ever after.

6. A Decade Dance.

Danielle Rose Russell and Jedidiah Goodacre, Legacies
Quantrell Colbert, Quantrell Colbert/The CW

We got Miss Mystic Falls last season; now it's about time we get a Decade Dance! The period-themed dances were a beloved staple of The Vampire Diaries, and seeing as Season 2 is introducing a few new human characters, this seems like a perfect opportunity to bring them back. And if Legacies can't give us a Decade Dance this season, could we at least get a Founders' Day ball or something? Just don't leave us hanging completely, OK, Julie?

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7. More insight into what being a phoenix means for Landon.

Aria Shahghasemi and Kaylee Bryant, Legacies
Quantrell Colbert, Quantrell Colbert/The CW

The revelation that Landon is actually a phoenix was inspired. (Who saw that coming? Seriously.) But in the middle of trying to stop Malivore from opening and Lizzie (Jenny Boyd) and Josie finding out about The Merge, we didn't really have a lot of time to dwell on what exactly comes with being a phoenix other than, you know, rising from the dead. Does this mean Landon is immortal? Does he have any other special powers? We gotta know, and we're sure Landon is curious too!

8. Way more cameos from The Originals and The Vampire Diaries stars.

Chris Wood, The Vampire Diaries
Bob Mahoney, Bob Mahoney/The CW

This really goes without saying, doesn't it? As of now, nothing has officially been announced, but Plec has told us that she believes there's a good chance we'll see some of the Originals this season. While we're still holding out for a cameo from Kai (Chris Wood), seeing some of Hope's family would be a pretty great consolation prize.

Legacies returns Thursday, Oct. 10 at 9/8c on The CW.

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