The long Legacies hiatus is almost at an end, and now we've officially got our first look at the new season!

Life in Mystic Falls looks to be carrying on as normal in these new photos of the Season 2 premiere, despite Hope Mikaelson (Danielle Rose Russell) being literally erased from everyone's minds. We imagine Landon (Aria Shahghasemi), in particular, might have spent the summer struggling to put the pieces together considering what a massive role Hope played in his life last year, but he's apparently got a new buddy to spend time with if these photos are any indication. Who knew he and Josie (Kaylee Bryant) would grow so close over the break?

We know Josie's twin sister, Lizzie (Jenny Boyd), will have spent most of the summer frolicking abroad in Europe with their mother, Caroline (Candice King), but she seems to be back and looking better than ever in these photos. It even looks like she may be bonding with M.G. (Quincy Fouse), whom she usually never gave the time of day to. Could a romance finally be budding between these two?

Aria Shahghasemi and Kaylee Bryant, <em>Legacies</em>Aria Shahghasemi and Kaylee Bryant, Legacies

Jenny Boyd and Quincy Fouse, <em>Legacies</em>Jenny Boyd and Quincy Fouse, Legacies

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In the other photos, Alaric (Matthew Davis) is sporting a dad beard that would make any bachelor proud, but given that we've speculated the new sheriff in town might be a possible love interest for him, he may not be a bachelor for long. He'll have to juggle any potential new dating life with his intrepid daughter though, since Josie seems determined to get to the bottom of her heritage and the Gemini mystery. Let's just hope she doesn't dig so deep into the Ascendant she found in Alaric's office that she lets Kai (Chris Wood) out of his prison world.

Oh, who are we kidding — we totally hope she does that if it means we'll get to see more of crazy Uncle Kai.

Matt Davis, <em>Legacies</em>Matt Davis, Legacies

Obviously absent from these photos is Hope, whose location is still unknown. Though the Season 1 finale did a good job of convincing us that she died sacrificing herself to destroy Malivore, we've since learned that we'll find out very early in the Season 2 premiere what exactly happened and where she wound up. If it's anywhere linked to Malivore, it probably won't be a great place to chill for the summer.

Check out all the Season 2 premiere photos in the gallery below!

PHOTOS: Legacies Season 2 Premiere Photos

Jenny Boyd and Kaylee Bryant, <em>Legacies</em>Jenny Boyd and Kaylee Bryant, Legacies

Legacies Season 2 premieres Thursday, Oct. 10 at 9/8c on The CW.

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