Dancing with the Stars fans got bad news last week when Jodie Sweetin was injured during rehearsals, and fears that her injury might sideline her from the competition were made real when actual video of the incident (seen above) was released. But, worry not: People revealed today that Sweetin will remain in the competition, and plans to perform Monday.

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"I got X-rays, and luckily it's just a bad bone bruise," said the actress. "The doctor told me that it would be painful if I wasn't careful, but I was allowed to return to rehearsal." She later continued, "Monday nights are always stressful, but I definitely am going into tonight with extra nerves. I want to make sure we do a great job with the routine, but more importantly I have to be careful I don't injure myself more and jeopardize my chance at continuing to compete."

Tonight marks "Famous Dances Night" at DWTS, where couples will recreate famous routines throughout the history of pop culture.