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​Dancing with the Stars: The 8 Most Memorable Moments So Far

Plus: what's this week's theme?

Malcolm Venable

After no eliminations in last week's Switch-Up, Dancing With the Starswill say goodbye to one couple after Famous Dances Night on Monday, when couples will recreate routines from iconic moments in pop culture, including a Michael Jackson moment, a Hairspray homage and more. After Monday's episode, only eight couples will remain, so in honor of the impending chop, we decided to take a look back at the eight most memorable moments of the season so far.

8. Mischa Barton smiles

Mischa Bartonclearly struggled throughout the competition; she was second to go after a painful first week performance and an opening video that made her look like she didn't want to be there in Week 2. (Which totally wasn't the case, she said.) Still, even though her giddy grin during her samba to Miley Cyrus' "Party in the USA" wasn't enough to keep her around, we got to see her smile, which felt like something to celebrate itself.

7. Kim Fields surrenders to the beat

Kim Fields put in some of her best work in the Switch-Up, after her new partner, Keo Motsepe,told her she basically needed to loosen up. Though the judges were mixed in their review, we got to see a new side of the sometimes sedate star: sensual, seductive and, in her own words, learning to surrender as she extended her body and got lower to the ground than we'd seen yet. Bravo, Kim.

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6. Von Miller's gas

Thankfully, none of us have been around to witness this in person, but Von Miller has become as well-known for his flatulence as his footwork. Apparently the NFL has a no-farting policy too, which makes the fines imposed by Von's partner Witney Carson totally fair.

5. Geraldo's Trump impersonation

You were almost sad to see Geraldo Rivera go, right? His unrestrained self-mockery and terrible dancing were enjoyable, albeit for all the wrong reasons. His second week salsa began with a bizarrely surreal impersonation of Donald Trump in a fake Oval Office, with Edyta Sliwinska as his Melania. Sure, it was crazy -- but it was still comedic gold.

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4. Paige VanZant's terrific Toy Story quickstep

Paige VanZant's athletic ability and dance training have made her a top contender this season. In a series of consistently good turns, she knocked this one out of the park.

3.Wanyá's patriotic waltz

Wanyá Morris' passionate, ever-improving performances have been a highlight of the season, but his Most Memorable Year routine stood out. In his opening package, he talked about performing the national anthem with Boyz II Men at the 1996 Atlanta Olympics following a devastating terrorist attack. The dance was typically well done for him, but the context turned it into a beautiful tribute to the USA.

2. Doug Flutie's tribute to his parents

In his preview package for the Most Memorable Year episode, Flutie told the story of how his father, who'd been married to his mom for nearly 60 years, fell ill and died. That's sad enough, sure, but minutes later, Flutie's mom kissed her husband's forehead, fell and died as well, leaving their children without both parents on the same day. "The doctor said the only explanation is what they call dying of a broken heart," Flutie explained.

1. Nyle DiMarco's tear-jerking waltz

Nyle DiMarco is the guy to beat this season for sure, but his waltz with Sharna Burgess in last week's Switch-Up took things to a whole new level. Even with a new partner, Nyle showed he's a force on the floor, and an inspiration to all of us.

Dancing with the Stars airs Mondays at 8/7c on ABC. What have been some of your favorite moments this season?