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As has become his weekly tradition this season, Survivor host Jeff Probst live-tweeted during Wednesday's episode of Survivor: Redemption Island. The episode, which saw the closing and reopening of Redemption Island and Matt Elrod's quick trip back to seclusion, provided a background for Probst to answer burning questions about everything from those Regis rumors to why he stays away from the players' camp.

Are you listening, Simon Cowell? Probst put an end to recent speculation that he could replace Regis Philbin on Live with Regis and Kelly. "I love my life in California, thanks for asking," he wrote. However, when asked what other show the three-time Emmy-winner would like to host along with Survivor, Probst answered X Factor. Seeing as the new reality competition will definitely have two hosts, there's room for one who travels to foreign countries for long periods of time, right? Or maybe to host via satellite? [For the record, we knew Probst was kidding since he recently signed on to host two more seasons of Survivor, but later in the evening, Probst reassured fans he isn't going anywhere.]

X Factor will have two hosts

Sorry, there's no host allowed: As both host and executive producer, it would seem no part of Survivor is off-limits to Probst. However, he said he tries to stay away from the castaways' camp. "Unless there is a medical emergency or a challenge at their camp, I never go. That's their world. I stay out of the way." Probst reveals that during taping, he stays on a separate island "but never further than 15 min."

Where to next? Survivor has traveled all over the world multiple times, so how do producers decide where to film next? Probst said lots of factors go into that decision, including number of beaches, support from the government, weather and political stability.

Survivor renewed for two more seasons; Jeff Probst will return

But do they use Nair?: Probst answered a question that's been on many female fans' minds for years (but have been way too embarrassed to ask). Despite what it may look like on TV, Probst said the female contestants do not get to shave their bikini lines during filming.

That's what she said! Turns out The Office's Michael Scott isn't the only TV personality with a love for "that's what she said" jokes. During the immunity challenge, where the players had to balance three small balls on a disc for a long period of time, Probst was on fire and would trot out gems such as, "Don't stop. It's fun and they're just sitting there waiting to be whacked."

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