When we last tuned in to Jane the Virgin, Petra (Yael Grobglas) was being hauled off to jail for murder, Jane (Gina Rodriguez) was having fantasies about Michael (Brett Dier) and Mutter (pronounced moo-ter) was creeping out of the crime lord shadows as Luisa's (Yara Martinez) mother.

Of course, that's a walk in the park for a telenovela. When Jane returns on Jan. 25, things will only get more intense for the Villanueva and Solano families. Love triangles turn into love hexagons, Mutter and Sin Rostro (Bridget Regan) go head-to-head and Rogelio (Jaime Camil) gets the chance to time-travel.

That's crazy, right? Fortunately, creator Jennie Synder Urman was able to talk TVGuide.com through all the hubbub:

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Petra is trying harder than ever to get on the right path — how is that journey going to continue for her now that her mom has sold her out to the cops?

Jennie Urman: She definitely is in a difficult situation and is looking for any way out when we come back. She definitely wants to prove that her mother was the person that killed Ivan (Christopher Corbin). Rafael (Justin Baldoni) comes and helps her with that. Their relationship starts to grow and shift out of that particular dynamic. Petra has some really great arcs coming up.

Those twins are coming any day now. Is Petra ready to be a mother?

Urman: Petra is not ready for motherhood. Petra has had a very different pregnancy than Jane had. For Petra, anything that can go wrong will in terms of how sick she's been and how difficult [the pregnancy] has been. That continues right through the birth. Then Petra has a really complicated reaction to becoming a mom. We're definitely going to be exploring that and there are some interesting twists that come out of that.

Motherhood has been a big theme this season, not just for Jane but for the Solanos as well. How will the re-emergence of Mutter and Rafael's mother affect Luisa and Rafael?

Urman: There's going to be some huge telenovela revelations around this character of Mutter and who she is, and how she's been operating all this time. That is going to have really direct consequences for Luisa and Rafael. Motherhood is 100 percent our theme of this year, so we wanted to explore both the good and bad machinations. Their story and the crime element start to come into focus in the coming episodes. A lot of what this is about is Mutter and what she wants and how she's going to get it.

Jane the Virgin: Who is going to marry Jane?

Who Jane is going to marry at the end of the season is still one of the show's best kept secrets. If you won't tell us who it's going to be, what kind of character traits does Jane's husband-to-be need to have to be someone she'd walk down the aisle with?

Urman: For Jane, it's got to be the feeling that she and this person will be their best selves together, that she feels supported in both her personal and professional life, that she feels they have good communication and can continue to work on that. [They need to be] smart, funny, loves her son — biggest of all. All of those things have to click into place.

On the lighter side of things, Rogelio has found his passion project, which will involve a lot of time-traveling on his new show. What can we expect from that?

Urman: It lets us go into different periods where you sort of discover Rogelio in various places. You don't realize how present Rogelio was at certain seminal moments in history. What it allows us to do as writers is connect our bigger themes of the show with something a little more absurd of where he shows up. He's going to show up at Stonewall. He's going to show up in the women's suffrage movement. We might eventually learn that Rogelio taught the cavemen how to light fire. We're going to take him all over.

Will we see Rogelio repair his friendship with Michael or will he be moving on to a new bromance?

Urman: The bromance can't really continue with Jane and Michael estranged. It's just a little too close for him to be so close with her dad. I think they both continue to work through that. Ultimately, we'll see them back together. In what capacity will be the question.

Jane the Virgin returns Jan. 25 at 9/8c on The CW.

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