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Who's Dead on How to Get Away with Murder? Ranking the Possible Victims

Let's consider the evidence

Joyce Eng

Who's dead?

That's How to Get Away with Murder's big mystery for the first half of Season 3. Someone we love/love to hate/hate to love is dead in the flash-forwards after a fire at Annalise's (Viola Davis) house. The show will reveal one person who is not dead every week -- a reverse And Then There Were None, if you will.

Oliver (Conrad Ricamora) was the first lucky soul revealed to be alive and kickin' in Episode 2, followed by Bonnie (Liza Weil), Laurel (Karla Souza) -- who's the second person found in the house and is pregnant -- and most recently, Michaela (Aja Naomi King). The fifth episode also confirmed that the dead body is male, which leaves us with five possible victims from the regular cast.

The cast knows who is #UnderTheSheet, and from all of their opaque reactions and descriptions when we asked about it, which you can read below, it's clear that this won't be some random dude, like a Middleton board member out to get Annalise.

How to Get Away with Murder's Season 3 mystery is the "most game-changing one yet"

Ricamora: "It's really heartbreaking and I think it's going to be pretty shocking and not what people expect. It's definitely heartbreaking. As I'm sure you know, it's somebody who's pivotal to the show."

Souza: "I'm definitely in denial. It's heartbreaking. Obviously the show has you on your toes. It's great for the story and all that, but we're a family. Anyone not being here anymore is a heartbreaking thing. It's really sad."

Matt McGorry: "I was sad [when I found out who it was]. There were tears certainly from lots of different people, myself included. It's definitely not something to be taken lightly."

Weil: "It is a profoundly devastating loss. It is certainly going to rock all of these characters to their core and as a person, as an actor, as a friend to the person who is under the sheet, it's been very, very devastating. It's no joke. It's going to change the course of the show, of these people's lives. It's no small thing."

So which guy is it? We rank the remaining possibilities from least likely to most below.
5. Asher (Matt McGorry)
Sure, she could've just been faking it, but Annalise lost her sh-- when she found out who was on that gurney in the season premiere. She has never been particularly close to Doucheface, sort of tolerating him as an annoying -- but amusing -- nephew she has to take in for a couple weeks. Unless they really bond over the next three weeks in the show's timeline, we doubt she would've reacted the way she did to his death.

How to Get Away with Murder

How to Get Away with Murder

Mitch Haaseth, ABC

4. Nate (Billy Brown)
Nate is easily the most expendable, but it would almost be too easy to kill him off. He rarely interacts with the rest of the characters, as most of his (half-nekkid) scenes are with Annalise, or now, ADA Atwood (Milauna Jackson). While Annalise would be devastated by his death, at the moment, we can't see it having the heartbreaking impact it would supposedly have for everyone.

3. Connor (Jack Falahee)
Connor is still unaccounted for, but we know his phone is on Michaela's couch -- understandable/explainable, since he's been staying at her place and could've accidentally left it behind. It feels like a huge red herring though -- it's totally against the show's DNA to show its hand that early and maintain it -- but based on the aforementioned reactions, it feels like it's someone from the Keating 5/firm family, so we're keeping Connor squarely in the middle.

2. Frank (Charlie Weber)
This is too obvious, but it would make the most sense and would complete Frank's redemptive tragic figure arc. Annalise, or at least some part of her, still wants him dead for being complicit in her baby's death, so why not burn her whole house to the ground with him inside, huh?! Frank would also have the most reason to be inside her house, if he finally comes home, as Bonnie begged him to do in Episode 5. Plus, Laurel, who's been on a Frank-finding mission, was the other person in the house, so they could've had a confrontation in there (about her pregnancy?) before the place was literally lit.

1. Wes (Alfred Enoch)
If Annalise is the sun in Murder's universe, then Wes is the moon. Wes is inextricably linked to almost every single one of the show's OMG moments and murders, and he's basically Annalise's second surrogate son (hi, Frank), now that we know what happened between her and his mom 10 years ago. Wes is also central to Frank's disappearance -- you know, the whole shooting Wallace Mahoney thing -- and is a Meggy (Corbin Reid) away from sleeping with Laurel (is he her baby daddy?). His death would have a major impact on everyone and would be as "game-changing" as creator Peter Nowalk teased. And remember the last two fall season mysteries? #WhoKilledSam? Wes. #WhoShotAnnalise? Wes. Who's #UnderTheSheet? Wes?

How to Get Away with Murder airs Thursdays at 10/9c on ABC.