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How to Get Away with Murder's Karla Souza on Laurel's Big Move: "Her Addiction Is Frank"

Did she make the right call?

Joyce Eng

[WARNING: The following story contains spoilers about Thursday's episode of How to Get Away with Murder. Read at your own risk.]

Laurel (Karla Souza) just sold her soul to the devil on How to Get Away with Murder. But she also committed an even greater sin: lying to Annalise (Viola Davis).

On Thursday's episode, Laurel met up with the devil her father, Jorge (Esai Morales), the CEO of Antares Technologies, under Annalise's order from last week. He located Frank (Charlie Weber), but would only give her the deets if she signs some shady investment agreement. She initially refuses, but begrudgingly does it after Frank calls her and informs her that Annalise has put a hit out on him. Sigh. She just can't quit him.
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So where is Frank? Coalport, Penn. Laurel chooses not to tell Annalise and Bonnie (Liza Weil), who is revealed to be alive in the future at the end of the episode.

Did Laurel make the right call? Is she going to track down Frank herself? Do Annalise and Bonnie know she's lying? And who is the second person found in the burning house? Souza answers our burning questions.

What is Laurel thinking? She's signing her soul away and lying to Annalise.
Karla Souza:
[Laughs] That's exactly what she's doing! She sold her soul to the devil, all because she's desperate to find out where Frank is. Her loyalty to that man is ridiculous. I guess she's just buying herself time. Who knows what the consequences will be for her actions. I think once Frank called her and tells her Annalise is trying to kill him, that's a piece of information that she can't ignore. I think that's why she decides to keep that information from her. And yeah, she's blackmailed by her father, she's forced to sign this document that she normally wouldn't sign, and she starts doing business with the devil basically. It's quite a corner she's in.

Do you think she would've still done all this had Frank not told her Annalise wanted him killed?
Oh, for sure. The fact that she even goes to see her father is because Annalise asked her. She would've definitely come back saying, "Frank is here." Once Frank calls her and tells her Annalise is trying to kill her, I think she's like, "Why would I give [Annalise] that information if she wants to kill him?" I think Laurel's protecting Frank and is trying to find out as much as possible before she relates that information to anyone. She can't use her phone because her dad bugs her phone and has every wiretap on her. She can't tell Annalise, she can't tell Bonnie, she can't tell Wes (Alfred Enoch). She's on her own on this. We'll see what happens with that.

Laurel is the savviest and most self-sufficient of the Keating 5. Does she have a game plan here or is she acting recklessly and thinking on her feet as she goes, which is not something she usually does?
It's funny you say that because, yes, she is the least reckless one out of all of them. She always has a reason to do things and she definitely is going to be savvy about how she goes about continuing her search for Frank, what she is going to do with that information, how she'll contact him and everything. Whether she'll be able to keep that under control is the question. It could all bite her in the ass. People are going to maybe going to think twice before lying to Annalise again! [Laughs]

Is she going to Coalport?
We don't know! She could, she should. Or should she not? Should she go alone? She's also battling with not wanting to have anything to do with Frank. And yet, there she is.

Does she consider telling Wes? They have such a complex relationship now.
They have the most trust. They share everything. They're definitely looking out for each other. Wes is looking for Laurel when she's with her dad and he doesn't mind the fact that she lied about being at her grandma's funeral. Their relationship is a lot more mature. I think that Laurel might need to tell someone. But she might also want to protect Wes, who wants to be a happy, normal person, and not drag him into it. He has a girlfriend now. She's stuck between whether or not to share that information. If she does, that person would also have to be involved.

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After Laurel lies to Annalise, Bonnie gives Laurel a look. Does she or Annalise suspect Laurel is lying?
Souza: I think Laurel lies pretty well. I think she pulls it off pretty well. She was like, "Couldn't do it. Sorry." I think that look means more to us because we know than it actually was to Bonnie. But who knows if she might start looking into that. She's someone who knows how distrustful we can be. That look could mean a few things.

Do Annalise and Laurel's dad have a past? Are they secretly working together? If she told Laurel to go see him, couldn't she just ask him herself if he told Laurel where Frank is?
Yeah, I don't know. That's a really interesting thing. Because also, what does it mean? Does it mean Laurel and everybody of the Keating 5 was picked for a specific reason because she something about us? She knew who Asher's dad was. She suddenly has an idea of why we are the way we are. She was like, "Now it's time to see your father," and it's like, "Wait a second." You suddenly feel very vulnerable in that position, to have some lady know everything about you and your mom and your dad and your life. The power that Annalise has over us is greater than we think.

Frank is Laurel's Achilles' heel. Why do you think she's still hung up on him? Is it just daddy issues?
I know! She is so hung up on him. It's definitely that thing she says: I can't believe I'm falling for my dad. And she hates her dad. It's a complete mess. It's annoying when her dad says she has daddy issues because that's exactly what she has. [Laughs] She can't help it. No willpower can get you to stop going to where your addiction is taking you. That's what hers is. Her addiction is Frank.

We don't know Laurel's fate yet in the future. Do you know her fate?
Well, here's the thing though. We don't know if Bonnie and Oliver (Conrad Ricamora) are alive [through the night] because the night is a long night. A lot can happen during the night. The night is not over. That's all I'm saying! The episode ends with [the reveal that] there's someone else in the house. What if someone goes into the house when it's still burning? You don't know how many people go out of the way to stop the fire or whatever.

Do you know who's on the gurney? Have you been told?
I have been told. ... I'm still in denial, I think. I'm definitely in denial. It's heartbreaking. Obviously the show has you on your toes. It's great for the story and all that, but we're a family. Anyone not being here anymore is a heartbreaking thing. It's really sad.

How to Get Away with Murder airs Thursdays at 10/9c on ABC.