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How to get a YouTube TV free trial and other deals

YouTube TV comes with a free trial that's up to 14 days long for its base subscription. If you're looking to get a free trial with the service, here's what you need to know.

Lara Vukelich

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YouTube TV expands the video platform beyond user-generated videos. In fact, you can use the service to access your favorite channels and cut the cord on your cable altogether, though it's worth noting the pricing is probably similar to what you'd pay a local cable company. Still, you can ditch your cable box and start using cloud DVR -- which makes it easy to watch your recorded programs from almost any internet-connected device. 

YouTube TV costs $65/mo. The live and on-demand streaming platform gives all subscribers unlimited DVR space and up to six accounts per household. The standard YouTube TV service (before add-ons) includes more than 90 channels. New users can take advantage of a short free trial to see if they like the platform before committing to their first month of service. Let's look at their current trial and how you can sign up and start streaming. 

YouTube TV Free Trial

The current YouTube TV free trial length is up to 14 days. This is more generous than the no-trial policy for services like Netflix and Disney+. With nearly a week of free viewing, you can explore many of the channels offered by YouTube TV. The platform also offers a free five-minute trial if you want to take the service for a quick test run before you sign up for the official trial and hand over credit card information. 

Included within the free trial are local affiliate channels on networks like NBC, ABC, CBS, Fox, and others, as well as extended cable networks like FX and TLC. You can also add on HBO Max, NBA League Pass, and Starz, or other premium networks. Keep in mind, these extras will all incur extra monthly charges ranging from $5/mo.-to-$15/mo.

You can also take advantage of free trials on these premium channels; HBO Max offers a seven-day trial when you sign up via YouTube TV, Starz has a five-day free trial, and Showtime offers 14 days for free before you're charged.

Other YouTube TV Deals and Discounts

Unfortunately, you can't bundle YouTube TV services with another streamer right now. But you can sometimes find a YouTube TV promo that offers a temporary discount or trial. The streaming service also has teamed up with wireless providers such as Verizon, but keep in mind that these deals change seasonally. Check back often with the YouTube TV offer terms to see which deals are currently available to new and existing subscribers. 

YouTube TV Deals Compared

YouTube TV doesn't offer a lot of deals that aren't tied to other media offers. Aside from the free trial, you may have to sign up with a related service (like Verizon or Google Chromecast) to score a YouTube TV price deal. This is kind of a bummer when you consider what other live streaming and on-demand platforms offer.

Meanwhile, HBO Max gives prepayment discounts, and you can combine Hulu or Hulu + Live TV with ESPN+ and Disney+ for a special price, thanks to the Disney Bundle. Check out our full comparison between Hulu Live TV and YouTube TV.

Our Final Take

People who want access to regular cable channels without paying a local provider are excellent candidates for YouTube TV. With more than 85 channels available in most markets (often more than 90), you can catch up on your favorite shows across most devices. And because the service is available nationwide, you may not have to switch services if you move. 

The free trial for YouTube TV is up to 14 days long, so prepare to binge if you want to get the full experience before you have to pay.