Robin Wright's Claire Underwood refuses to back down in the official trailer for the sixth and final season of House of Cards!

The preview finds Underwood taking office in the place of her deceased husband Frank (in real life, Kevin Spacey was fired amid allegations of sexual misconduct) but it looks like not everyone is on board with her plans for how to run the country. Facing a White House full of enemies, Underwood says she's done listening to men.

"Each one of us has to defend our destiny. The first female President of the United States is not gonna keep her mouth shut," she firmly states.

With Frank Underwood dead and Claire taking charge, the final season welcomes new faces including Diane Lane and Greg Kinnear. Judging from the trailer, things are about to get pretty ugly at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue.

House of Cards' sixth and final season premieres Friday, Nov. 2 on Netflix.