Bitsie Tulloch Bitsie Tulloch

Grimm's sleeping beauty has woken up in more ways than one.

Although Juliette (Bitsie Tulloch) started out as the fantasy crime drama's most disengaged character — she began the season in a coma after all! — she is gradually becoming more of an active participant. One mystery she'll encounter on Friday's Halloween-themed episode (airing at 9/8c on NBC) involves a series of child abductions. She helps out her cop boyfriend Nick (David Giuntoli) as the precinct's fill-in translator when the Spanish-speaking Luis (David Barrera) arrives to report that his son Rafael was stolen away by a weeping woman wearing white.

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"La Llorona is a legend that's very famous in the southwestern United States," Tulloch tells "It was a warning story to keep kids in at night. You didn't want to be out because there's an old woman who lost her children and as a result, she steals children and drowns them. So that starts happening in Portland. Nick and Hank are now trying to figure out if they believe in ghosts."

Tulloch, who speaks fluent Spanish after growing up in Spain and San Diego, was already familiar with the legend, as were many of her Latino Twitter followers. "When I started tweeting about La Llorona, they were like, 'Oh my God! My parents used to tell me that story. That's the scariest thing!' Everybody has this weirdly personal connection to it."

But another of the episode's mysteries is of a more personal nature and involves affairs of the heart. Juliette has had some recent success reconnecting with her boyfriend Nick after she awoke from her coma without any recollection of him in her life. "She's really getting to know him as if this were a blind date or something," Tulloch says. "Whatever spark there was what made them fall in love with each other in the first place is probably still there. There's chemistry there."

Despite that chemistry, Juliette is inexplicably drawn to another man: the precinct's Capt. Renard (Sasha Roiz). For strategic reasons of his own, he secretly woke Juliette from her coma through a potion-enhanced kiss. Unfortunately, he didn't count on the unpredictable magical side effects of the potion. "They're both becoming obsessed with one another but they don't know why," she says. "They've met at a couple work functions, but otherwise she's had zero interaction with him. All of a sudden, she can't stop thinking about him. It's driving her crazy."

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So far, Juliette has only engaged in a little soulful gazing and envisioning Renard's face right after kissing Nick. The captain, however, has crossed the line into full-on creepazoid stalker territory after sneaking into her house and standing silently outside of the steamy shower door as she bathed. Tulloch promises that these sinister acts will escalate on both sides. "The Capt. Renard story line and the obsession we both develop for each other throws a huge wrench into the equation a couple episodes down the road," she says. "She starts to talk about it, and ...  you have certainly not seen the last of those two together."

Whether or not Juliette and the captain will act on these lustful feelings remains to be seen, but she will eventually end up in the bedroom with somebody. "You are going to see some mad bedroom skills in an episode coming up that is so intense and amazing that we had to rehearse it forever," Tulloch says. "I can't say who the other person is , but we both decided we didn't want to do it with the stunt doubles, but we had a stunt coordinator. It's basically a sex scene that is so cool and crazy that the stunt coordinator had to be there."

Do you think Juliette should do the deed with the captain? Or should she stick with Nick?

Grimm airs Fridays at 9/8c on NBC.