Bitsie Tulloch Bitsie Tulloch

Qué miedo es Grimm!

On Friday's Halloween-themed episode of NBC's fantasy crime drama (airing at 9/8c), star Bitsie Tulloch busts out her Spanish-language skills when Nick (David Giuntoli) needs a translator for a child-abduction case.

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Luis Alvarez (David Barrera) is distraught when his son Rafael is taken by a mysterious weeping woman in white. In order to speak with Luis, Nick calls in Juliette (Tulloch), who speaks Spanish after having grown up in Spain with her grandmother. In the exclusive clip below, Juliette encounters a mystical woman named Pilar (Bertila Damas). In the untranslated portion (subtitles will be added when the episode airs Friday), Pilar says that good children are always taken and that she knows who the kidnapper is.

Check out just what Nick is up against in "La Llorona":

Did you grow up knowing the La Llorona ghost story? Do you think the kidnapper is a ghost or Wesen?

Grimm airs Fridays at 9/8c on NBC.