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Grey's Anatomy's 350th Episode Was an Emotional Trip Down Memory Lane

We were not emotionally prepared

Megan Vick

Grey's Anatomycelebrated a huge milestone on Thursday with its 350th episode (yes, really). Meredith (Ellen Pompeo) finally faced the medical board after committing insurance fraud in Season 15 and the trial was a great opportunity to play a highlight reel of Meredith's biggest medical faux pas (which are also included in this list) as well as her biggest victories.

However, the trip down memory lane was made all the more intense by the fact the doctor who failed to order a head CT for Derek (Patrick Dempsey) before he died was the chair of the committee evaluating whether Meredith would get to keep her license. Adding insult to injury, he clearly didn't remember who Meredith was. That fact incensed Meredith when he had the nerve to bring up the surgeon temporarily kidnapping Zola before she was adopted, and Meredith went off on him. Coincidentally, Meredith's explosion triggered a seizure that led to a brain hemorrhage and the guy died.


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That was all before an all-star lineup of Meredith's former patients, including the seizing cheerleader from the pilot, appeared to tell the medical board what a great surgeon Meredith was. Then Karev (Justin Chambers) read statements in support of Meredith from Cristina (Sandra Oh), April (Sarah Drew), and Callie (Sara Ramirez) among others. If that wasn't enough to get your tear ducts leaking, Bailey (Chandra Wilson), who was ready to throw Meredith under the bus at the top of the episode, came around and delivered one of her signature speeches to ensure the board didn't revoke her prize pupil's license.

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So, Meredith gets to remain a doctor, but the trial may have cost her something more. During a break in the testimonies, Meredith told DeLuca (Giacomo Gianniotti) that if she lost her license and that he got to stay a doctor that they wouldn't make it. She said it super casually, like he wouldn't be offended by it, and when he called her on it at the end of the episode, it didn't go well. DeLuca finally stood up for himself and pointed out that their relationship has been one-sided. The relationship wouldn't work if DeLuca remained a doctor and Meredith didn't, but it also won't work if Meredith doesn't respect DeLuca as her partner. It ended with DeLuca giving her space to figure out what she wants, but this could be the end of Grey Sloan's hottest relationship in years.

Of course, Meredith isn't the only person going through some relationship issues. Maggie (Kelly McCreary) was struggling this episode after her cousin's heartbreaking surgery in the previous episode. Surprisingly, Jackson (Jesse Williams) was the one to take care of her, but when he went in for the kiss and then recoiled because of Vic (Barrett Doss), it only served to exacerbate Maggie's anger. If she didn't actually hate him before, she definitely does now. Things at the hospital are going to be so awkward in next week's fall finale.

Grey's Anatomy airs Thursdays at 8/7c on ABC.

Ellen Pompeo, Grey's Anatomy

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