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Their job security is remarkable

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Welcome(?) Back, Leah!

Leah Murphy (Tessa Ferrer) is the latest in a long line of Grey's Anatomy doctors who have been fired from the hospital only to be reinstated. Leah was given her pink slip in Season 10 after Webber decided she simply couldn't hack it as a surgeon. (In an act of vengeance after being spurned by Arizona, she also reported all the attendings who had slept with residents - a.k.a. everyone - for misconduct.)

With the news that Leah Murphy is returning to Grey Sloan, we decided to look back on other instances where Grey's doctors should have been (or stayed) fired.

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Alex Assaulting DeLuca

Alex's employment status is up in the air in Season 13, after he was charged with felony assault for assaulting his colleague DeLuca. But let's be real... in any real-world hospital, he would have been forced to clean out his locker by now.

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Ben's Emergency Hallway C-Section

Ben made a few risky calls and escaped unscathed in Season 12 (being married to the chief helps), but the one that nearly did him in was when he performed an emergency C-section in the middle of a hallway. Both the mother and baby died and Bailey subsequently suspended Ben from the residency program for six months (while telling him that really, she should be firing him).

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Owen Putting His Doctors in Danger

Was the plane crash in the Season 8 finale Owen's fault? Of course not. As the hospital's chief, should Owen have faced some repercussions for not adequately vetting the airline's safety rating before putting the doctors on board? Probably.

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Webber Drinking on the Job

If we're being honest, you can't really blame the employees of Grey Sloan for wanting to drink their drama away, right? But we draw the line at looking the other way when they're drunk on the job, which is exactly what happened after Richard Webber fell off the wagon in Season 6.

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Derek Getting Arrested for Speeding

To cope with his stress after the shooting in Season 6, Derek throws all caution to the wind and deals with his feelings by zipping around town in his car. He gets arrested repeatedly for things like speeding and reckless endangerment, and Meredith gets so frustrated that she lets him spend the night of Cristina and Owen's wedding in jail to teach him a lesson. Was this plotline a sad act of foreshadowing? Reckless driving would play a part in Derek's ultimate end four seasons later.

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Callie Leaving a Sponge Inside a Patient

Callie was sued in Season 10 after she knowingly left a sponge inside a pro snowboarder during a surgery, which may have led to an infection and, subsequently, a double amputation of his legs. At her trial, she refuses to admit negligence, but is found not guilty anyway.

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Bailey Performing a Procedure on a Minor Without His Parents' Consent

In Season 10, Bailey gave a young patient deactivated HIV to treat a bone marrow condition without his parents' consent - in fact, explicitly against his parents' wishes. The experimental treatment went as planned and the boy made a recovery, but Bailey was rewarded for her efforts by getting hit with charges of assault and battery. (Stephanie later took the fall for her with a week-long suspension in order for the charges to be dropped.)

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Owen Punching Riggs in the Hallway

We're pretty sure it's frowned upon in most workplaces to punch a colleague twice in a public hallway over a personal dispute.

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April Sending the Wrong Patient to Surgery

After making a slew of errors including sending the wrong patient to surgery, April was fired in Season 6 due to incompetence. But that didn't last long. She was brought back on board after Derek became chief.

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Alex Romancing a Patient

So much for doctor/patient boundaries. Alex inexplicably fell for Jane Doe, a.k.a. Ava, a.k.a. Rebecca, after rescuing her during the ferry accident. They had a tumultuous on-again-off-again love affair until a suicide attempt by Rebecca convinced Alex that they weren't meant to be.

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George Earning the Nickname "007"

It's hard to know whether to blame George or Burke for this one, but suffice it to say George probably shouldn't have made it beyond his first day as an intern at Seattle Grace, after he performed a surgery he was completely unqualified for and nearly killed a patient as a result.

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Interns Performing Procedures on Themselves

In keeping with the Grey's Anatomy tradition of hiring interns who repeatedly demonstrate shockingly poor judgment, the crop of newbies in Season 5 decide to perform procedures on themselves because they're frustrated with the lack of real surgical opportunities. Even more unbelievably, main instigator Sadie quit of her own volition. (She wasn't fired because Webber had a close friendship with her father.)

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Cristina and Burke Covering Up Burke's Tremor

After being shot at the end of Season 2, Burke resumed performing surgeries without disclosing that he continued to suffer from tremors in his hand. (Ugh, Burke was the worst, right?) Cristina was also a co-conspirator in his cover-up until guilt got the better of her.

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Meredith Tampering with Derek's Clinical Trial

Nothing says "true love" like intentionally tampering with your husband's medically groundbreaking clinical trial, right? That's exactly what Meredith did in Season 7. Of course, her heart was in the right place; she was just trying to help Webber's wife, Adele, who had recently been diagnosed with Alzheimer's. In this instance, Meredith was fired for her actions - but was swiftly reinstated, while Dr. Webber was forced to resign his position as chief for helping to cover up Meredith's misconduct.

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Izzie Cutting Denny's LVAD Wire

Perhaps the most infamous screw-up in all of Grey's Anatomy history, Izzie snipped Denny's LVAD wire at the end of Season 2 so that he would become sicker and thus move up the transplant list. Guess how that worked out? (R.I.P. Denny)