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It Was a Really Hard Day at the Office for Maggie on Grey's Anatomy

Can this girl catch a break?

Megan Vick

Maggie (Kelly McCreary) is having a really rough season of Grey's Anatomy. First, she broke up with her super hot boyfriend (Jesse Williams), only for him to immediately rebound with a badass firefighter, Vic (Barrett Doss). In Thursday's episode, she found out that she has a cousin, Sabi, who looks just like her and they have a ton in common. Naturally, as this is Grey's, that cousin ended up having a giant heart tumor and Maggie ended up losing her on the operating table. It was rough.

To make matters worse, Sabi and her father never wanted Maggie to operate on her in the first place. They thought it was a conflict of interest, but Maggie persisted, insisting that she was the best. However, the surgery had to take place at Pacific Northwest, and Maggie's support staff wasn't used to working with her or expecting what she needed. One of her plebs neglected to tell her that Sabi's blood was clotting and by the time Maggie figured it out, it was too late for her to save her cousin.

The death only made things harder for Richard (James Pickens Jr.), who was Sabi's uncle. He hadn't talked to that side of the family for years because they thought he was a snob, and losing Sabi after he pushed for Maggie to do the surgery is only going to make things more complicated. And all of this is after Catherine (Debbie Allen) caught Richard and Gemma (Jasmine Guy) getting a little too close for comfort in the Pac North waiting room while Sabi was in surgery.

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Basically, there's a whole lot of drama happening in the Webber family that needs to be worked out. Catherine doesn't even know that Jackson and Maggie have broken up, let alone that he's already dating someone new. Maggie and Jackson jokingly discussed putting everything out in the open over a family dinner, but we couldn't think of anything more awkward.

Speaking of awkward families, though: Amelia (Caterina Scorsone) did manage to tell Owen (Kevin McKidd) that she was pregnant. As predicted, he didn't take the news that well, but the two were able to use their words and figure it out. By the end of the episode they were both happy about adding the incoming baby to their brood. Coming up with a custody agreement for their three collective kids, all with different parents, is going to be a scheduling nightmare. At least they seem to be willing to work together. That is great progress. They should give some tips to the Webbers.

Grey's Anatomy airs Thursdays at 8/7c on ABC.

Kelly McCreary, Grey's Anatomy

Kelsey McNeal, ABC