"No it's not a dream. They do make out for real!"

There you have it, folks! The recent Grey's Anatomy promos don't lie: Sarah Drew confirms that April and Jackson (Jesse Williams) will be hooking up in this Thursday's episode, when the doctors travel to San Francisco to take their medical boards.

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Does this mean April will finally be deflowered? Drew was mum on that front (which we'll take as a "yes.") "That is still up in air," she says. Their fling springs from the stresses of taking the medical boards, which will decide the doctors' fates — and also help them land jobs that will take them away from Seattle Grace.

"April goes a little crazy," Drew says. "She is super anxious, super just full of panic and anxiety about doing well or failing and she doesn't really know what to do with all of this extra energy and is jumping out of her skin. She does a lot of things that are really surprising and out of character for her that leads to some pretty fantastic fallout afterwards." In case you missed the promo, she also punches a guy in the face.

The hookup, in particular, will lead to a very interesting turn of events heading into the final episodes of the season. "It's going to bite both of them in the ass because they both walk away from that being confused by the whole thing," Drew says. "The writers have really written a very interesting journey for April and Jackson over the next four episodes. We see a lot of conflict and confusion — how do you continue to be friends after something like that happens?

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"What we'll see that lasts is their deep abiding friendship and the fact that they really do care for one another on a very deep level that isn't just butterflies and romance at all. There's also something big that's revealed about April, something about her character that's revealed at the end of this week's episode that also plays into everything that happens between the two of them and rest of the episodes of the season."

Even though Lexie (Chyler Leigh) has turned her attention back towards Mark (Eric Dane), will the sudden hookup destroy the relationship she shares with April? That remains to be seen since no one will learn of their tryst. "April and Jackson are not sharing their confusion with anybody else," she says. "So nobody else in the hospital knows anything has happened between the two of them."

The spoiler-filed promo also offered up a tidbit where April is yelling at one of the other docs about sabotage. Turns out, Meredith (Ellen Pompeo) is to blame. "Something happens with Meredith that really distracts Meredith from the boards, but also ends up affecting everybody else as well." Expect more outbursts from April soon. "She has no edit button for the next two episodes. Everything she's feeling just gets vomited out on everybody else. She's so freaked out about the boards, so that's the way that April deals with everything and we see different colors to April that we haven't seen before."

With April on the verge of a full-blown freak-out, could our Worst Case Scenario come true? After a hearty laugh upon hearing our thoughts on how April could leave, Drew says, "I think if she failed her boards, she probably would have a mental breakdown. I think she's just wired that way, but I can't tell you whether she fails it or not."

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Now that the doctors are so close to "graduating" from Seattle Grace, how will they handle what could be the end of their working relationships? "Everybody has totally mixed emotions about it, but at the end of the day, they know that they were here to study, learn and prepare for their boards so that they can then go off and have the amazing careers that they want," she says. "It's bittersweet. They're all really excited to take this next step in their career, but they're also really sad to say to good-bye to the relationships that they've been developing for the last eight years."

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How do you feel about the impending Jackson-April hookup?

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