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So is Wilson definitely going to die on House? — Amanda
Well, the promos for next week's episode don't paint a pretty picture, but let's try to stay positive. (His best friend is a pretty good doctor, after all!) I suspect that Wilson will stick around at least through the series finale. But it does raise the question: Can House exist without Wilson? "For better or for worse, they are bound together," Hugh Laurie says. "They share a way of looking at the world, and I think they need each other." But does that "need" portend a happy ending? "I think the audience will be happy, not because House has learned some life lessons — that's not what he's about," Laurie says. "I think people will be happy for him. The fact that he's still got a 'mud in your eye, to hell with you all' attitude, I sort of love." So let's keep the sackcloth and ashes under wraps for now, OK?

Please tell me you have
more info on the big event in the Grey's Anatomy finale! — Sammy
NATALIE: Sarah Drew echoed Shonda Rhimes' ominous sentiments: "It's on par with the shooter finale," she says. "It will affect everyone, but it happens outside of the hospital, and the people that are at the hospital don't know it's happened yet by the end of the episode — I'm one of the people who is back at the hospital." Does that mean Drew is safe from the Grim Reaper? "Everybody is left with an uncertain future," she says. Any guesses?

I need some CSI finale info. How will the characters react to McKeen's return? — Mark
Few CSIs have more animosity toward McKeen than Nick, so he's the one to keep your eyes on. In particular, look for Nick to crumble when McKeen's scheming brings the team's credibility into question. "By the end of the finale, [Nick] will be in a place where he's questioning how the wheels of justice work and also questioning his role in that system," executive producer Don McGill says. "It will bring him to an existential crisis where he really, really contemplates whether or not he wants to be a CSI anymore." Hmm... George Eads is heading into contract negotiation. Say it with me: Eek!

Is Rebekah really dead on The Vampire Diaries? — Rachel
Not exactly. Now that Esther has the white oak dagger from Alaric's alter ego, she'll leave Rebekah's body and return to her own. But Esther isn't done with Alaric yet. In Thursday's episode, she'll reveal that she needs something from both Alaric and Elena to carry out her plan of eliminating her family. And what Esther wants, Esther will get.

Is Howard going to choose going to space over marrying Bernadette on The Big Bang Theory? — Evan
ADAM: Who says he can't have both — or at least try? Howard will attempt to kill two birds with one stone in the season finale, which will feature a closing scene for the ages, executive producer Steve Molaro tells us. "The last scene of the last episode of Season 5 is so amazing that I have yet to watch it without getting choked up," he says. "Everybody is involved in the scene and it is really great." Hmm, well, if everybody's in it, they surely can't all go to space, can they?

What's this I hear about Regina seducing David on Once Upon a Time? — Jennifer
Now that Mary Margaret is out of jail, Regina will use any means necessary to keep Snow and Charming apart — including trying to hook up with her stepson-in-law. "What a great plan, Regina!" consulting producer Jane Espenson says. "What would hurt Snow more? My goodness, why didn't she do this earlier?" But don't worry: Espenson also hints that her seduction won't be without its obstacles.

Will we be seeing any more of Cho's girlfriend this season on The Mentalist? — Michelle
You bet. Summer (guest star Samaire Armstrong) will be in the next two episodes. But to hear creator Bruno Heller tell it, you might want to enjoy it while it lasts. "Like many real loves in people's lives, she's both a light in Cho's life and a potential source of darkness and trouble," Heller says. "That story line will have a dramatic and quite moving resolution. [Cho] will be pressed to make a decision. She can be a girlfriend or she can be a confidential informant; using her as both is very dangerous."

Is there more than one death in The Secret Circle finale? — Billy
We'll let executive producer Andrew Miller take this one. "There's for sure one death and maybe more," he teases. "The deaths will weigh incredibly heavily. The fate that befalls another character will weigh almost equally heavy in terms of the fans." Ha, we got him to say deaths, plural. Stock up on tissues, people!

Got any scoop on 30 Rock's live episode? — Jessica
Remember when Julia Louis-Dreyfus played "Flashback Liz Lemon" on the show's last live episode? Well, it looks like Liz's memory ran out of Seinfeld money. "We have another wonderful special guest as me this year," Tina Fey tells us. "I can't possibly say who it is, but it's someone hilarious!" (Please let it be Sarah Palin.) But that mystery lady won't be the only celebrity cameo — there'll be seven total, Fey says. Seven! Can't wait!

Will Leslie win the debate on Parks and Recreation? — Micah
If only Leslie knew how to play the bully — which, of course, she doesn't. But keep your eyes on Andy, who will improbably become the star of the debate, so much so that he'll even make the stone-faced Donna cry.

Is it too early to ask for Homeland scoop? — Devon
Never! Even though Carrie was booted from the CIA by David Estes at the end of Season 1, I hear she'll be travelling overseas on a special mission — with Estes' approval — when the new season, which reportedly takes place six months later, begins. And speaking of Estes: One of Brody's first assignments from Abu Nazir requires him to break into a safe in his office!

Is Amanda really pregnant with the president's baby on Scandal? —Jessie
First, Olivia's going to make damn sure that she's even pregnant in the first place. Second, who's to say this pregnancy will even matter in the long run?

Adam's Mega Rave: Depicting the effects of a drug trip in pop culture is well-worn territory (see: every episode of That '70s Show for terrible precedents), so Mad Men's magical mystery dinner party was a refreshing departure. As the Beach Boys bleated "I just wasn't made for these times," a vodka bottle played an aria, Roger's cigarette rapidly shrunk and the Sterlings amicably separated. (Plus: We got to see Roger in a pink towel turban.) Say yes to drugs, Matt Weiner!

Natalie's Mini Rant: Catherine Tate's tenure on The Office has been both uncomfortable and funny — unfortunately, too much of the former and not enough of the latter. 

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