As we impatiently wait for the sweet, sweet sound of angels that will no doubt accompany the announcement that Netflix has set a premiere date for the highly anticipated Gilmore Girls revival, we've been reliving the glory days of old Stars Hollow. Taking walks down memory lane with Rory (Alexis Bledel) and Lorelai (Lauren Graham) is a great way to pass the time, but it's also reminded us of all the questions that have been haunting our dreams since the series signed off in 2007.

Here are the 12 most pressing questions we have going into the revival later this year.

1. Where was Mr. Kim? Will he finally appear in the revival?
Over the course of seven seasons, Rory's best friend Lane Kim (Keiko Agena) periodically made reference to her parents. However, we only ever saw her strict mother, Mrs. Kim (Emily Kuroda), a woman so terrifying even Jess was scared of her. Where was Mr. Kim during all of this? Was he so terrified of his wife that he hid whenever she was around? Was he a figment of Lane's imagination? We need to know!

2. Are Mick and Kirk actually the same person?
In Sean Gunn's first appearance on the show, he played a man named Mick who was installing DSL at the Gilmore household (ahh, remember DSL?). A few episodes later, Gunn appeared as a man delivering swans to the inn where Lorelai worked before finally taking on the role of future series regular Kirk Gleason in the fifth episode of Season 1. Considering the fact that Kirk held just about every job in town over the course of the show's run, is it possible that Mick and Swan Guy were both actually Kirk? Even if their names were different, are we supposed to believe these men were all the same person? Help us, Amy Sherman-Palladino, you're our only hope!

3. What was Jess' (Milo Ventimiglia) book about?

It's a truth universally acknowledged that Jess was pretty awful as a teen. Even the most staunch Jess fans can admit this. However, upon Jess' return in Season 6, it was revealed he had written a book titled The Subsect. It was a big deal because it meant Jess had finally turned his life around and put that brain of his to good use. He actively tried to be better. He also said he couldn't have done it without Rory, but what the hell was that book about? If Season 6 were airing for the first time right now you know there'd be a novel tie-in (and we would buy every copy). Alas, now we're just left writing fanfic about a fake book on a TV show.

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4. What are the final four words?
Ever since series creator Amy Sherman-Palladino revealed she knew the final four words of the series, fans have been clamoring to know what they are. It's been confirmed that we're finally going to find out, but we want to know NOW. (Yes, we've also made some educated guesses.)

5. What are Madeline (Shelly Cole) and Louise (Teal Redmann) doing with their lives?
Rory's classmates (can you call them friends?) at Chilton, Madeline and Louise were more interested in boys than books and makeup than math. During the show's fourth season, Rory and Paris (Liza Weil) reunited with the dynamic duo during a hastily planned spring break trip... and then they were never seen again. What happened to them? Are they now the stars of the Real Housewives of Hartford?

6. What happened to Cat Kirk?

Cat Kirk made quite the impression considering he (or she?!) was never seen or heard. Beyond opposable thumbs, Cat Kirk derived great power from water and used that strength to attack Kirk in "A Deep-Fried Korean Thanksgiving." Considering their hostile relationship, we assume that Kirk gave up Cat Kirk to a loving family of lion tamers, but we don't really know. If Cat Kirk doesn't make a return in the revival, what's even the point?

7. Does Rory ever see her half-sister Gigi?
Although it's probably unfair to place the blame squarely on Gigi's baby shoulders for Lorelai and Rory's father Christopher (David Sutcliffe) being unable to make it work at the end of Season 2, we've spent years trying to repress the memories Rory's unruly half-sister from our minds. She appeared during the show's later seasons, most obviously during the show's darkest timeline (a.k.a. Season 7), and because of their age difference, Rory never really seemed to care much about the little rugrat. Has that changed? Because let's be real: No one would care if the show just pretended she didn't exist.

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8. Did Kirk and Lulu stay together?
Everyone has an opinion on which boyfriend best suited Rory (#TeamJess), while plenty of folks passed the time post-finale wondering if Luke (Scott Patterson) and Lorelai got back together for the revival (spoiler alert: they did), but we only have eyes for Stars Hollow's Other Great Love Story: Kirk and Lulu (Rini Bell). Did they stay together after the series ended? Are they married? Did they *gasp* have children? We smell a spin-off!

9. What's Dave (Adam Brody) doing now? How does he feel about Lane and Zack (Todd Lowe) getting married?

Dave Rygalski — or as he's known around these parts, the Greatest Boyfriend in Stars Hollow History — left for California when Brody was cast on a little known series you've never heard of known as The O.C.. Did Dave keep in touch with Lane? Zack? Brian (John Cabrera)? (Everyone forgets about Brian.) Also, how did Dave feel about Lane and Zack getting married and procreating?

10. Does Dean (Jared Padalecki) still work at Doose's Market?
He totally does, right? (Bonus question: Why is Doose pronounced Doh-see? It's weird.)

11. Whatever happened to the the Rory Gilmore Astronomy Building at Yale?

Once Christopher started paying Rory's college tuition, Richard (Edward Herrmann) and Emily (Kelly Bishop) decided to donate the money they'd previously allocated for her education to Yale. Although no figure was discussed, it was apparently enough to construct the Rory Gilmore Astronomy Building because, you know, Rory reallllly loved astronomy? Anyway, was it finished? Did they add a floor so it was taller than everything around it? Was the lettering actually to scale? Is there a portrait of Rory hanging inside?

12. Did you remember Luke was known as Butch Danes in high school?
Not really a question haunting our dreams. We just wanted to remind you. "Butch Danes, everybody!"