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If there's anyone who could get the world's biggest megastars to give up juice about their closely guarded romantic lives, it's Ellen DeGeneres, and the talk show queen showed just how gifted she is by prying dirt from Rihanna and George Clooney with a game of Never Have I Ever.

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DeGeneres peppered Rihanna and Clooney with juicy questions, including whether they'd ever texted a nude selfie (Clooney, no; Rihanna did an "Oh God" type body roll before copping to it) and whether they'd been drunk before noon — (Both yes).

It's a fun exchange, especially when Rihanna went all social anthropologist and demanded to know what exactly was meant by "hooking up" when Ellen asked if they'd ever hooked up in the back of a car. As the singer correctly noted, some people think it means making out, some think it's meeting up, while others think it's the whole shebang, which she called "seal the deal, lick the envelope and close it." Whatever it means, she coyly didn't really answer, leaving us to guess. No matter though — Rihanna has done humanity a much bigger service - helping us all get to the bottom of what "hooking up" really means.

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Check out the full video below.