George Clooney secretly returned for Julianna Margulies' ER exit and came back during the show's final season, so obviously he was totally game for Jimmy Kimmel Live!'s ER reunion on Tuesday. One problem: No one else from County General was free.

ER: An oral history of "Love's Labor Lost"

See, according to an ill Kimmel, Margulies is tied up with The Good Wife, Noah Wyle has "Taco Tuesdays" with his family, Eriq La Salle is at jury duty, Sherry Stringfield couldn't get an Uber, and Anthony Edwards had a SoulCycle class. Don't worry — Kimmel paged in reinforcements: House's Hugh Laurie, for that Tomorrowland reunion you never asked for.

Together, Dr. Ross and Dr. House try to figure out what was ailing "little Jimmy." It's not lupus, but probably supraventricular tachyarrhythmia. House doesn't even remember what that is, but he does know the best course of treatment from TV Medical School: "Dr. Ross, this isn't working, you've got to give him the 'Rapper's Delight'!"

ER: The story behind "Hell and High Water"

George Clooney rapping Sugarhill Gang sounds exactly like your dad rapping Sugarhill Gang and Hugh Laurie's slick moves are... surprising, given House's bum leg? This musical bromance is fun and all, but give us Doug and Mark any day.