Of course you've been following this important story: After Samuel L. Jackson claimed in an interview with United Airlines' magazine Rhapsody that Trump cheated at golf, Trump said that he didn't know Jackson, but he wasn't a fan, never golfed with him and hates that he does too many commercials.

Samuel L. Jackson might be the one to bring down Donald Trump's campaign

Jackson went on Late Night with Seth Meyers Tuesday to say yes, they did play golf, prompting Black-ish star Anthony Anderson to chime in and corroborate Jackson's story — with a meal of shrimp and hot dogs as proof.

Still there? Sorry.

Naturally, Anderson's naming of menu items prompted the important question," Is there an itemized receipt?" which, yes, why yes, there is.

That receipt must've been the breaking point for Trump - you know TMZ was about to reveal video footage of these three playing golf and eating hot dogs - because the presidential candidate has finally admitted that said round of golf occurred... sort of. In a series of tweets, Trump called Jackson un-athletic, mocked his swing, and said that he should stop doing commercials. Finally the truth emerges! Good grief.

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That seems to have settled the urgent and pressing matter as both sides have gone quiet. Perhaps Jackson realized that he has something better to do than bicker about golf with a man who's running for president, which really would say a lot.