Republican frontrunner Donald Trump is so confident in his voter support that he thinks he could commit murder and still get elected, he said at a campaign event in Iowa Saturday.

"I could stand in the middle of Fifth Avenue and shoot somebody and I wouldn't lose voters," he boasted, while mimicking shooting a pistol with his finger.

Trump declined to clarify his comment when CNN asked him about it. It's clearly not a serious assertion, but it's still inappropriate, because the president should at least pretend to take the act of killing someone seriously.

Donald Trump still being allowed to act like what he's doing is funny

Condemnation of Trump's comment was swift: On SNL, Colin Jost addressed Trump, saying, "What are you doing here, man? You're bragging that your supporters love you so much, they're okay with you murdering for sport? You know that's not what a president does, right? You're not running for president of the Hunger Games."

"Donald, you are talking to the craziest people in the country," Michael Che added.

Ted Cruz, Trump's main opponent in the presidential race, told Glenn Beck, "Listen, I will let Donald speak for himself. I can say I have no intention of shooting anybody in this campaign," which leaves open the possibility that he will shoot someone after the campaign.

See Trump's bizarre proclamation below.

Trump addressed the controversy on Face the Nation Sunday, doubling down on his assertion of complete loyalty from his followers.

"I have a very good group of people, John," Trump said during a phone interview with CBS' John Dickerson. "I mean, I have people that are so loyal that it's been so reported."

"These are people who just won't leave. They will not leave. I love my people, and it's a great thing," he said. "It's a great thing. Far greater loyalty than any other candidate by double, triple, quadruple, and I love my people."

Watch the interview: