What makes a teen queen's heart throb? Here in Part 2 of our sit-down with Demi Lovato, the star of Disney Channel's brand-new Sonny with a Chance (Sundays at 8 pm/ET) reveals her two celebrity crushes — one of whom she would actually prefer to work with than date.

Demi also discusses her past affinity for hardcore metal, and rumors that she has dated one Jonas brother or another (at the 1:15 mark).

At the very least, Lovato is pals with the "Joni," as well as fellow Disney darling Selena Gomez. What do these super-popular "kids" do when they hang? "We do like really stupidly normal things," Demi admits. "We're such nerds!"

The interview wraps up with Lovato revealing her guilty pleasure, and the TV comedy she thinks Rocks.

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