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This week's Bachelor episode had another surprising exit when Jake asked Michelle to leave while on the group date. Host Chris Harrison chatted with about Jake's no game-playing attitude, why next week's rose ceremony will feature another Bachelor first, and how Harrison is 200 percent sure the pilot will never bungee-jump again. Were you surprised Jake let Elizabeth go this early on?
Chris Harrison: I was. [They] got along great ... you could tell he really liked her [but] my God she just couldn't quit playing the game. He would always talk about that off camera when we were getting ready like, "She's driving me nuts with this stuff." One thing I really enjoy about Jake: He is not a game player. Elizabeth was such a tease and she confused herself. It reminds me of the Rozlyn situation where she's bringing up her kid and I'm like, "You're missing the big picture." Same thing with Elizabeth. You can try to distract and create a smokescreen but this is a very simple deal and I think Jake's a very simple guy when it comes to knowing what he wants and what he doesn't. As soon as he figures out that there is something he doesn't want, he's going to eliminate it, get it out of the way, so he can concentrate on the things that are positive and are going well. Is this why in Monday's preview we see Jake choosing not to give out two of the roses?
Harrison: You definitely need to watch next week's rose ceremony — another Bachelor first. Again, it's Jake completely taking control of the situation. Although there are some women that are disappointed like Elizabeth and Michelle in the end, I think that really endears him to the women that are left even more, and it should endear him to the public

Chris Harrison on Bachelor scandal: Rozlyn "Started this firestorm" Let's talk about the one-on-one dates. Do you think Jake and Ella have chemistry?
Harrison: It's very interesting and kind of a cool dynamic of the show when they bring the single mom on. You bring Ethan [Ella's son] on the date and it moves everyone out of their comfort zone completely because as she said, "This is something I wouldn't do. I would not enter my son into a relationship so soon." At the same time she's really excited that she had and loved seeing Jake like that, so I think they do have chemistry. It goes well beyond her son and well beyond feeling like "I need to give this single mom a chance." You'll see as the season goes on, he's never a guy, in anything that he does, that cares about public opinion. Whether it's cutting Michelle or getting rid of a beautiful woman like Elizabeth, he doesn't care. I think he even said it himself, "This isn't the first shocking decision I will make that people may stump their head over. but I'm not here for anybody else. I'm here for me." And Vienna's bungee date?
Harrison: I'm 150 percent sure that was not Jake's idea to bungee-jump, and I'm 200 percent sure he will never do it again. He was mortified. I know people are freaking out because he's a pilot that's afraid of heights. When he's in a plane he has complete control and it's a safe environment, whereas dangling on a piece of string is completely out of your control. I couldn't believe they did it; there were tears and hyperventilating ... and people didn't see the helicopter trying to get into that canyon was terrifying. They were scared just trying to land a helicopter in this canyon, then we got out and strapped them to a piece of rope and threw them off a bridge. I will say this: It brought them a lot closer together.

Catch up with The Bachelor recaps And Vienna vs. the house. Is she really talking smack or are they just jealous?
Harrison: I think it's one of those avalanche situations where things start going and they pick up speed and momentum and all of a sudden you're way past the point of no return. I think there's a bit of jealousy, a bit of talking trash and a bit of she doesn't care anyway. There are some girls that just get along better and Vienna was never one that cared about that. I think it hurt her a lot more than she let on ... I feel bad for her because you have a lot of down time and a lot of time to just sit around and chat with the girls and if you're on your own it's very tough. What were your thoughts on the group date at the comedy club?
Harrison: Corrie was funny, I loved her bit. Ashleigh was the biggest surprise because she's a very secure and confident woman and it was really weird to see her emotionally break down like that. That's just not her, but I think the show and the atmosphere does things to you. But I don't blame them, that would've scared me to death, are you kidding? Asking someone to go on stage frightens most people but to go do a comedy routine? That was pretty hardcore.