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For Bachelor fans, wondering what happens to the contestants who don't receive that final rose, ABC is planning a summer spin-off called Bachelor Pad. Host Chris Harrison told the new series will "bring all of our favorites back in more of an entertaining, fun way" and romance will certainly be the focus. "These people all get together, they've hooked up, we have engagements ... people love this stuff so why don't we show it?" Harrison also spoke about the current Bachelor season — Rozlyn scandal included — and about what has shocked him during this season as well as past editions. Walk me through the chain of events leading up to Rozlyn getting booted off the show this week.
Chris Harrison: It all happened that day. The producer confessed to the relationship with Rozlyn ... there was a code of ethics that was breached and couldn't be tolerated so he was fired. I didn't find out until I showed up to the rose ceremony and was pulled aside, was told what happened, and then told I was the one that was going to bring the news to her. You saw it play out on Monday night's episode. I watched it four times just to see and there is no glimmer of confusion, denial, anger ... A line was crossed that couldn't be and she accepted it. They weren't very secretive about it; in fact, they were brazen about it. You've been put in awkward situations like that before, so how do you stay so cool and collected?
Harrison: One of the main things is knowing you are telling the truth. I told the producers that night, "Tell me everything now, lay it on the table," because as long as I can come out and tell the truth and be completely honest and transparent then I can defend it honestly and I can sleep at night. With Rozlyn we didn't want it to be this public. It was never our intention to make a big deal out of this and we even told her that. It was something that had to be dealt with but we were going to do it in as quiet and respectful a way possible and move on. Ironically enough, she has absolutely started this firestorm and probably enjoying it, being interviewed by everybody, enjoying her 15 minutes. She's brought her son into it; it's really sad that she's created this problem for herself.

Chris Harrison addresses Bachelor scandal During Jillian's season of The Bachelorette, did you ever expect Jake would eventually make such a great bachelor?
Harrison: No, I didn't know what to expect with Jake. I thought of him as a very genuine, good-hearted guy, but he has really surprised me at just how spiritual he is, how sincere he is, how emotionally vested in this he is. I really respect how he handled the Rozlyn situation, how he handled the entire season, and I told people, maybe it's not a good thing to say, but I said, "You will be surprised at how much you come to like Jake." Believe me, you're going to be blown away by this guy. Let's talk about Michelle. Viewers seem surprised she's made it through the first two rose ceremonies.
Harrison: This is very important: It's not something the viewers are missing, I think it's something that Jake is missing. You have to remember Jake doesn't see the interviews, Jake doesn't see her crying and packing her bags. Other than Rozlyn, we don't make it public and we don't tell Jake everything that's going on — he has to find it out for himself. When Jake and Michelle are together they're fantastic. She cops to small breakdowns like, "I have to tell you I packed my bags," but Jake's like, "Oh it's not a big deal." ... it's not something the viewer misses, it's something Jake hasn't seen yet for himself.

See photos from this season's The Bachelor Of all the final choices that previous bachelors have made, which surprised you most?
Harrison: Season 1, when Alex Michel picked Amanda over Trista. That day I went to work for the finale going he's going to propose to Trista — good call, man, she's great and I love her. Next thing I know he's proposing to Amanda and I'm just like, "What?" Then Season 2, Aaron Buerge picking Helene, when I thought he was going to pick Gwen. Come to find out he kind of broke up with Gwen in that No. 3 spot just to get her out of his mind and make it easier on himself. I really thought she was the one. I'm constantly amazed at decisions made. You find yourself falling in love with more than one person because different people represent different things they're looking for.

The Bachelor's terrible track record: A history of failed romances As a happily married man hosting a show about finding love, what's your secret to success?
Harrison: Nobody's perfect; love isn't perfect. Obviously there's times when it's perfect and beautiful but it's getting through those tough times, it's communicating, it's the little things that make a difference. For me it's continuing to date your wife and continuing to look at her like she's your girlfriend ... not treating her like she's a mother of two that you don't need to talk to anymore. Especially with kids ... you have to take time and talk and have adult conversations. Switching gears, are you excited for this weekend's red carpet?
Harrison: I can't be more excited. I love the red carpet, I love live TV, it is my true passion. The Globes are my favorite awards show. Which movies or shows are you rooting for?
Harrison: Hurt Locker, Brothers, Avatar ... On the TV side, I'm really excited about the new fresh faces in comedy. Modern Family is without a doubt one of my favorite shows. Even with Glee I'm excited. Not that 30 Rock needs to go away but I've seen Tina Fey give a few acceptance speeches. Let me see something new.

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